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Thome checks in

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TUCSON, Ariz. – The biggest knock manager Ozzie Guillen had on his clubhouse this offseason was there were too many nice guys, too many guys willing to lead by example, rather than by voice.
While Jim Thome isn’t the type of guy to start getting in his the faces of teammates after 17 major-league seasons, he did agree with his skipper, as well as point out on Monday that he might be “Mr. Nice Guy’’ off the field, but on the field, it’s a different story.

“I think being aggressive, having a little bit of that arrogance, and if you call it meanness, sure,’’ Thome explained. “Having a little chip on your shoulder, a little arrogance with yourself. That’s what I think is the little intangible that helps you win.’’
Asked if his Mayberry persona is capable of that, Thome didn’t hesitate to answer.
“Is it my character? I’m not a mean guy, but I’m a mean guy on the field when we compete,’’ Thome said. “You may not see it, but trust me, I have a lot of heart and desire that if you’re out there, I’m going to try and beat you. Do whatever it takes.’’
As for the reason he showed up into camp four days early, Thome said he wants to set a tone for this season.
“Again, the ultimate goal coming into spring training is to win that championship,’’ the slugger said. “How you get everyone on the same page to do it? You’ve got to be healthy, a lot of things have to go right. That’s our goal here this spring. Get going early, get our team together early and try and build that camaraderie and that team orientation early, and then take it on into the year.’’

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Oh God--

Here we go again.....Justifying loud mouth Ozzie to embarass us again in the world media. Do you think it is justified because Thome says that he is getting mean?? Does that win games you imbeciles? It makes it look like you do not have any talent----so you have to get mean....Give me a BREAK!! Sox Fans are tired of this CRAP!

What wins games is the Detroit Tigers line-up. Do you see them getting mean??? No. Just daring you to come after them.

Lets forget about the threatening tactics about being mean----and try not to fall behind 10 games by the end of April.

Yeah Thome---now get meanwhile you are over the hill. Don't get mean, just try to make it to first base without injuring yourself, you Sap.

Thome's days are behind him. He is an over the hill washed up idiot. If he were any good Philly would have KEPT him---and we would not have picked him up for NOTHING>>> Hopefully he could make it to first base without busting a knee cap.

Philly wanted to get rid of him so bad the are still PAYING his salary!!!

Come on Permalink. Either you read too much Mariotti or your a Cub fan in disguise. Ozzie is Ozzie. If you don't like it, then go buy a floppy hat and sit in the crumbling bleachers on the north side. Man, I bet you support participation trophies, too.

As for the Sox, they need to get that chip back. Call it getting mean. Coin it as being a "heel," but either way you label it, the Sox were better when they were hungry. Let's get back to being the White Sox, and not wishy-washy fat cats. Remember Good Guys Wear Black. They don't sing take me out to the ball game while chugging Old Style.

Jim Thome is a nice guy,and was a very good ball player,but the man is old,and at this point in his career,injury prone. Another of the Sox (bargains off the baseball scrap heap).Jermaine Dye is in this Class too..Paulie is ,it seems a ballplayer who is going down hill fast,so is AJ.We got Nick Swisher,A man who strikes out a lot like Thome does.And so does Fields.If we didnt get a new shortstop,with the one we had we might have set a record for most strikeouts by a team!They got 2 great relievers.But what did they do last year?As usual big bargains- long in the tooth.With injury problems.If the Sox arent in contention this year--even if they finish 3rd they should get rid of Williams,and Ozzie.The core of this team is old,and injury prone.So is part of the pitching stastaff.Does anyone really think Floyd,and Danks can win 18 games between them to make up for what Garlad did by himself.I hope Im wrong,but If the Sox finish a strong third I will be surprised.

I seem to remember a couple of ex White Sox players saying the Sox wouldn't win after they were moved in 2005, because there wasn't any leadership left on the team. Kenny Williams and Guillen denied that, along with some present players.

Now Guillen is admitting they were right.

From reading the comments of other posters it seems like Jay Moraniotti is the one posting. I'm glad Thome is in camp early, I think the Sox will be a surprise this year. Too many guys had career lows last year and it will all average out.

If they played games on paper sox would be third place finish at best in division.Linebrink hardly impressive with Brewers & Padres in 07. Dotel on DL most of season. This is sox improved bullpen? Swisher & Cabrera should help a poor offense. Dye,Thome & Konerko must all step up in 08.None of the three had even a average year in 07.Cintron has taken his punch & judy stick to north side.Sox need a decent second baseman & probably a proven starter to compete. Richar didn't look ready in 07 for mlb. Vasquez,Buerhle ,Contreras (if rebounds) & then a huge drop off in starting rotaton.


Here we go again. Speak your mind about the white sox and automatically youre a Cubs fan. If we cared more about what is happening to us and not what happens up North then maybe we would have a better team and hold this management responsible for how they have RUINED this team and consistently LIED to us.

Listen you moron; do you remember where we ended uplast year??? Three games from Kansas City----It goes way beyond the Cubs. Maybe you show so much interest in the Cubs are you sleeping with them?? You ignorant *&%.

Thome checks in where? In the Hospital?

Thome checks in to the OLD FOLKS HOME??

Ever stop to think why he came so cheap? Ever wonder why Philadelphia still PAYS his salary to get rid of him permenately??

Thome needs to RETIRE and leave us alone!!!

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