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The King: ‘I dropped the ball’

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TUCSON, Ariz. – In a spring training camp with very little news thus far, Paul Konerko finally provided some.

Speaking with the Sun-Times over the weekend, the team captain admitted that he “dropped the ball’’ last year in the leadership department, stating, “I mean by July and August, you can go out there and get the best leader in the history of sports to come in and there is nothing he can say at that point. But there were some instances early on that I definitely think I dropped the ball on, I could have said something or did something that who knows, maybe it would have changed the direction.’’
The Sox were a dismal 72-90 last season, and Konerko said he will do everything in his power to make sure that doesn’t happen again. That includes laying down some rules with his teammates near the end of spring camp.
“We’ll do that at the end of spring training when the numbers get down. It will be pretty simple, just, ‘Hey listen, these are a few things that last year might have gotten away from us, things we saw on the bus, things on the plane, and we’re going to be tighter on this stuff.’ Little things to make sure we’re a little more focused on the game.’’
Not that Konerko is planning to go all “Truth-osaurus,’’ and play bad cop like Carl Everett. Far from it. The fact remains that Konerko still feels the best way to lead is by his actions.
“Show up, do your work, get ready for the game, give good at-bats,’’ Konerko added. “Anything you say can’t equal that kind of stuff.
“I think the key is that if it looks, talks and acts like last year, we jump on it and say, ‘Hey, we went down that road before and I saw this go from this, and then turn into this.’ You live and learn.’’

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Isnt Paul Konerko in a retirement home yet???

Leader?? Why do you need a leader just play baseball and try to win.

Oh that right, we cant. Sox management dropped the ball and didnt sign any players to do so.

Paulie needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!

Think before you send something have a way to replace 35 HR and 100 RBI? What is your plan? Don't say Swisher either.....he isn't going to give you that production.....what players are you referring to? Hunter? Rowand? Let's get past it and focus on what we have.....

Living in Tempe, I made the ride to Tucson a couple of times this past week to watch the Sox workout. Much more business like than last year. The players are hustling from one practice field to the next, with no distractions. The Sox have always been great with signing for their fans, but this year just about all of it was done after their full squad workouts are finished for the day. This team looks so much more serious. Now if the pitching comes around things just might fall in place and surprise many people including myself!

Leah did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Konerko has been a good person for years, he has often been his own worst critic but you cannot question his ethics, so Leah go back to bed take out your frustration somewhere else.

No offense Paul, but before you blame yourself take a look at how pathetic your bullpen was last year. I don't think a pep talk from you in May or June would have helped that.

I'd like to see Ozzie make Jenks wear the "C" in the bullpen. I understand he's got a fire storm of a personality & he clearly leads by example on the field.

Love the linked pictures in these articles! Keep up the good work in that department!!!

The Leah post made no sense at all. I am so tired of people who know nothing about baseball making uneducated commentary. I try to ignore the empty blather, but in this case, I couldn't. You know nothing, go away! Paul Konerko is the consumate professional. He is talented, intelligent and will make a great coach or manager someday. He has quite a few good productive seasons left. I'm glad he anchors first base for the Sox!

PK's slam on the first pitch in the drizzle off Brad Lidge in game 2 warrants a lifetime pass for me (that's just me though). 31 year olds in retirement homes? - nice hyperbole Leah. Oh, and Leah, next time use more exclamation points - it strengthens your argument.

The only way to let PK go is with class and for help. Agree with 4appling. If this year goes go, I am happy he stays. I am huge fan of Paulie and sure he's a slow starter. BUt he gets the job done. However, I disagree with him being team captain. He seems a little shy for that, and when he was designated in 06, he acted as if he didn't want the "c". My choice would be Buerhle or AJ. Buerhle is a face of the organization, and AJ knows his way around the game and brings some personality and smarts.

i disagree with you 4appling i think the reason paul decieded not to wear the "c" is he does not want to show disrespect to his team mates. or the orginization

Konerko is old and slow. He needs to GO!

I agree. Konerko needs to go!

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