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Starting rotation set

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TUCSON, Ariz. - Manager Ozzie Guillen unofficially made it official on Friday that Mark Buehrle would indeed start his sixth Opening Day in the last seven years.

The way the rotation sets up right now – with a slight subject to change – It will be Buehrle against Cleveland in the opener, followed by Javier Vazquez and John Danks. Jose Contreras would then start the three-game series in Detroit, followed by Gavin Floyd and then Buehrle.
As far as the home opener, that will fall to Vazquez, rewarding the veteran right-hander for his 15-8 2007 season.
With Cactus League play starting next week, Buehrle is scheduled to start the first intrasquad game, while Vazquez will start intrasquad game No. 2. That means Danks pitches the Cactus League opener against Colorado on Feb. 27.

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Another LAST place finish in 2008

This is sooooooooo SAD..................

Last time the White Sox had a "last place" finish.....1989.

Last time the Cubs had a "last place" finish...2006, 2000, 1999


Bruce another ?, your memory is good the Sox had one when was that in the 1970's.. you sound like a real winner.!..that knows little so stay negative and whine while we true Sox fans enjoy the playoffs in Oct with the White Sox... while you are chewing and choking on Crow ! good luck to a bountiful life of Crow chump !

Don don't you just hate those whiney fans who have nothing better to do that find something to piss and moan about. If you don't like the product keep (Bruce) to your self and JUST DON'T WATCH OR GO TO GAMES. I'm sure the northside can use another beerhead for their garden.

The Cubs will be the biggest choke artists this year and Bruce true White Sox fans are realistic about there team. So the Cubs won the season series last year, big whippie skippie do. So they made the playoffs another so what. They then proceed to get there but kicked. They only led one inning out of the 27 combined innings. They were destroyed by one of the youngest teams of all time to make the playoffs. Ted Lilly and the rest of your pitchers will go back to being mediocre at best.

How can a White Sox fan not be optimistic?

Floyd had a career BEST Sept in 2007. Danks had a career BEST in IP. There is no reason to believe that these 2 guys won't out perform any other 4-5 on any other ALC team.

What that means is that if Contra bounces back, the White Sox are contenders. If Vazquez takes the next step under Cooper the White Sox become front runners. Both of those cases are realistic.

The White Sox have never had the potential of Linebrink-Dotel-Jenks in their pen. Knock on wood for good health, the potential of the 2008 pen exceeds that of the 2005 one.

Defensively, I'm warming up to O-Cab + Uribe for MIF. Uribe's best defensive strength is his reach & his arm strength. His biggest weakness is his mental lapses. He makes stupid plays in the field. That gets downplayed some with the move to 2B. Their combined cutoff strength will probably be un-matched. Both these guys can fire a strike to home plate from the fringe of the OF.

Offensively, this team looks a LOT stronger than the 2006 team. That's a major improvement over 2007.

WHAT????? If Contreas bounces back that White Sox will contend??
Are you serious??? Have you seen the Tigers pitching staff? And you compare Danks and Floyd in the same sentence as anyone in the Tigers rotation??? How about Cleveland or Minnesota. Better yet, How about BOSTON you idiots.

The white sox organization has dismantled out team and reniged on their promise to improve by singing players. Yet, they want to get MEAN What??? How about WINNING first. Ozzie is an embarassment to us; thats why no one wants to play for us now.

I am a true die-hard sox fan, lets first get that straight. It seems that most ignorants *&^% who post here are more concerned about the Cubs that their own team. This is for sox fans.

True sox fans can give a CRAP of what happens on the Northside. I think its becasue we hide behind the CUBS not to let our true feelings of how messed up we are in 2008. Three games from Kansas City-- and yes that IS last place.....

Boy, this rotation is BADDDD!

I am embarassed to be a white sox fan.

Rotation?? Is this what you call this??? Dont make me laugh


Let's wait and see before we start announcing what place the Sox will be in. I do think, however, that it would be a good idea for the Sox to have a better spring training record in games played and perhaps they'll get off to a better--positive--start. They were spinning their wheels from spring training on last year. Anyone who says that the games are not that important is missing something. Let's get things going and see where we stand. I'm ready for Farmer and Singleton and those broadcasts!

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