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Sitting one out

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TUCSON, Ariz. – Mark Buehrle will be skipped from his scheduled start in Monday’s intrasquad game, but no one is very concerned. Buehrle is experiencing some soreness in his left throwing shoulder – a usual spring ritual for the southpaw.

The plan is to take it slowly with him, and get him ready for his first Cactus League game against Arizona on Friday.

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Buehrle won't be a problem. He never is. Whether the White Sox fin last, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or 1st will depend on the bullpen. Did Kenny do enough? That depends on Thorton & MacDougal.

PECOTA predicted 79,80,82,72 wins for the White Sox from 2004-2007. The White Sox won 83,99,90,72 over that time. They likewise predicted 90 wins last yr for Minny. I wouldn't be tooting my horn over the 72 when it took the worst bullpen over 50 years to produce it.

That pen pitched over 30% of all innings in 2007 & avg'd a 1.61 WHIP! It gave up 258 ER! That's 80% more runs than the 2005 pen & 26% worse than the 2006 pen. The 2007 pen was suppose to fix the problems with the 2006 pen! Of course that only accounts for the runs actually charged to relievers.
What about inherited runners? Hide the children!
RISP WHIP Aardsma 2.06, Thorton 1.68, MacDougal 2.44, Bukvich 2.06, Phillips 2.14, Masset 2.36, Sisco 2.36, Day 2.40, Myers 4.33! They combined for about 25% of all IP for this sit. So it's pretty obvious the starters ERA got beat up by these bums.

Odd but true: The 2007 team had more (115) winnable games (close & late) than both 2006 (105) & 2005 (113). Despite that advantage these bums managed to get Jenks the ball 10 FEWER times than 2006 in this sit.

What it adds up to is that the horrible pen made the starters look worse than they reall were to say nothing of the mental strain they had to bear knowing if they can't get out of the inning the bums would screw it up for them. PECOTA is clueless on that.

Does anyone realize that Burhele had over a 5 point ERA? When has he EVER shut down a team since his no-hitter? He was HIT HARD last year. He has pitched to many innings.

The White Sox organization has BS us for the longest!! Who are the five starters to compare to the Tiger's staff? Please dont insult my intelligence by saying danks and Floyd..... Pitchers were available but we failed to pay for them. Players were available, but we also failed to pay for them. What did Rowan say?? "The White Sox Organization NEVER offered me more pay."

Everyone seems to think we are going to win the WS this year. We need to wake up and smell the Coffee. We have old-slow- and FAT outfield.

Question: We came within three games of last place in 2007. Even the ROYALS improved.

Have you been drinking again? Buehrle went 10-9 last year with a 3.63.....our outfield will consist of Swisher, Owens and Dye.....old and fat? Are you referring to yourself? Get your facts straight before you send in something annoying as you last bit of brilliance........

first of all check the #'s burhele's era war 3.74 last year that's not bad...second of all the tiger's starting rotation besides verlander is as over rated as it gets 5 era for bonderman and willis last year. kenny rodgers is old. 3rd no one should pay tori hunter 18 milion a year that's stupid giving rowand 5 years is stupid. and finally last time i checked jerry owens is 25 and fast as hell carlos qunetin is 25 years old nick swisher is 27 years old. so besides dye what outfielder is fat and slow and too should get your facts straight and do some research before you speak and talk trash about the white sox.

I just read a quote from Cox that suggested the White Sox will have 50 1-run games this yr. I doubt if many players will believe him. He'd be better off pointing out the White Sox had 115 games where the score was close in the late innings. That even beat out 2005's 113 games.

So yeah, base running matters. Cox has his work cut out for him with Uribe.

How did the the ALC stack up in C&L games?
CLE 121 games
CWS 115 games
DET 105 games
MIN 100 games
KCR 093 games

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