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Richar MIA Day 3 and other camp tidbits

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Is there a way to defect from the Dominican Republic?

If there is, White Sox second baseman Danny Richar might want to explore that option.
Saturday came and went without the club hearing anything from their second-year infielder, and while manager Ozzie Guillen wasn’t feeling the need to completely bury Richar, there was no question that as each day goes by, Richar moves deeper and deeper into his skipper’s doghouse.
Guillen was asked if Richar’s fallen off the depth chart for that starting job at second, and after a long pause said, “He's going to have a legit shot. Not because of a mistake you make, I'm going to take this thing away. But when you are a couple days late and guys are getting ready for the season, that could hurt you.’’
As far as Guillen is concerned, former starting shortstop Juan Uribe and rookie Alexei Ramirez have each made a strong case to earn the job through the early days of camp, and the longer Richar is out, the harder it will be for him.
“I can talk about this issue because I played with this visa for 10-11 years,’’ Guillen added. “If you're supposed to be in spring training one day, you're not going to get your visa the day before.’’

-- Octavio Dotel was filthy on Saturday, breaking Nick swisher’s bat and leaving hitters shaking their heads.

-- Knuckleballer Charlie Haeger – fresh off shooting a 74 last week – was working with Gavin Floyd on his golf swing after practice.

-- Third baseman Joe Crede was back in the batting cages on Saturday, after a bruised hand hampered him the last two days. Crede also participated in live batting practice.

-- Sunday’s workout will be a short one, with the players getting a break before Monday’s scheduled intrasquad game. Call it a walk-through, and insert Bill Belichick joke here.

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Former White Sox now A's:

IF: Chris Carter, Casey Rogowski
OF: Aaron Cunningham, Ryan Sweeney
SP: Gio Gonzalez, Ryan Wing, Fautino de los Santos
RP: Jay Marshall, Fernando Hernandez, Nick Walker

Billy Beane: "We have a great relationship, and that helps a trade partnership. And yeah, we like some of their players and we like the job they do over there."

Do us all a favor, & fire Moronotti. He's never written a piece that comes close to the truth.


I will join the other sox fans in this boycott.

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