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Not happening?

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White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen confirmed Wednesday morning that the report from indicating the club had reached an agreement on pitcher Bartolo Colon is in fact false.

Guillen said that the organization hadn’t even spoken to Colon’s representatives in “weeks,’’ but a team representative said there was more recent dialogue without a deal taking place.

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I trust KW not to sign Colon unless he's convinced he's health enough to pitch. At the same time I think Colon enjoyed pitching for the White Sox so I remain cautiously optimistic that the two sides can come to agreement.

If there is any truth to this rumor it will have to happen quickly as the White Sox would want him ready to start ST games. I feel that Colon pitched pretty well at USCF which is saying a lot.

Ozzie denies the rumors but the story is on the whitesox' website. Why does that not surprise me, Ozzie and Williams contradicting each other. Supposedly it is a incentive deal with limited risk.

Another mess by the White Sox Brass. Either the are lieing to us again or they are signing another fat over-the-hill player that is suppose to make us happy that they have not signed anyone of any worth for 2008?

I am so tired of being lied to----this organization is a disgrace.

I have seen on other blogs...ripping this signing..I mean if he bombs SO WHAT!...It isnt like were banking the season on him..BUT..if he is healthy the Sox 200 innings and is just consistent..that is more than enough for a 5th starter..look around the league 5th starters are not much.....very little risk and potential for middle of the road return....

I agree rob, if he's done then it was no risk, low contract with incentives, with no trade of talent involved. If he's back then great and if he's in the middle that is probably better than 3 of our 5 starters.

Brice - " so tired of being lied to"?? Huh? When have you been lied to? Give me specifics.

I agree.I will not attend another White Sox game in 2008.

Please. Do not attend any White Sox games in 2008

Absoulutely do not attend any Sox games this year. You are not welcome Jaun and Quamy...more seats for us true Sox fans. Turncoats like you two and yesterdays Allman not welcome..good bye..stay away Chumps..go over to the Northside and enjoy the 101st year of futility..with the lovable losers in a losers league and division.

Yes---I will join the BOYCOTT also!

I must laugh at the above baseball experts who are going to boycott Sox games. I doubt these crybabies have ever been to a major league game, much less a Sox game. Somehow, the rest of us must suck it up and persevere without them.

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