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Meeting Time

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White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had his annual full-squad spring meeting on Thursday morning, closing the doors of the clubhouse and making sure children weren’t anywhere in earshot of what was said.
“I cursed maybe 1,000 times, but that's your guys' [Americans'] fault,’’ Guillen joked. “That's the English I know and I learned it from you guys. I never went to school here.’’

Guillen said the underlying message was forget what happened in 2007 and turn the attention to ’08.
“It was a little bit talking about the past, make sure you leave it in the past,’’ Guillen said. “What we're looking for this year. Come in here and be the team to beat, and go out there and go compete. We believe, we truly believe, we have a ballclub. Make sure they believe. Don't get caught up in what people say, what people think. Just go out there and do the job.
“I think people understand where we're coming from and for the new guys, it was a different way to handle the meeting. Let them know exactly who I am, what I do. Because if you come from another organization, all of the sudden everything you hear from the TV, radio, whatever it is, I showed them who the real Ozzie was, not what they hear about it.’’

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Cursing and acting an Ozzie fool is a sure fire way to allienate fans again.

Acting a fool and cursing people out does NOT give them any unforseen talent to catch a ball. Another EMBARASSED SOX fan agin in 2008!

Why don't you just go root for the North Side. All I've seen from you is negative. Each new season is loaded with potential, and if you can't see the potential they have, then find a new team! You are the problem with fans, you can't look objectivly at a new season. You are continuing to carry over your disapointment from last season. Let it go.

matbe juan wants a manager like dusty baker who walks around with marbles in his mouth.i will bet you had no problems in 2005.dont get caught up in the media hype.

I just love the picture of the meeting!!

I'm with Mike. Let last season go. Embrace the new start!

Please learn to spell.....your grammar is have posted 100 times and I can't finish because it is unreadable.....give us a break........Mike is right, stop being so negative......have your 10 year old read it before you send it,

Sox are gonna whoop some a$$ this year! Let's go Sox!

adding swisher and cabrera are huge on so many levels

bullpen problem solved

dye, PK, Thome, and AJ hitting 20-30 points below there average, won't happen.

fields hitting 30 home runs in the 8 hole

bring it Detroit

How, as fans, can we forget about last year?? We were told again this year how they were going to spend money---and YES they have it---you spend it because WE filled the seats everday. We lost EVERYTHING and was lied to about the players that the TIGERS HAVE..

Why cant we be like Boston, Yankess etc. We are in the 2nd Largest media and sports market. WE should have demanded another World Series and EVEN a PLAYOFF in 2006. Winning goes with WINNING!! What did they do with the money? I know. KEPT IT!!
They dont pay a cent for the stadium,AND we filled the stadium. Like I said before THEY LIED HEAVILY TO US!!

Remember how White Sox management promised never to buy anyone because we werent filling the stadium??

We lost those players because we did not PAY them. What did ROWAN say. They never talked any money or years with him. AND THE FANS tried to get him back. He was a FAN FAVORITE, and would fill the need in Center Field. Now look who we have. NO ONE!! and SOX management said SO WHAT. Last I heard WE pay to attend those games.

Dont let spring training put you in a girlie mood for forgiveness. THESE ARE THE FACTS!! And all fans know this!!

And of course, as always, go to the Northside. Same old bull when you tell the truth about White Sox management. Maybe if you didnt have your head up your *&^ about the CUBS and focused your efforts on the SOX then maybe you could think like a REAL FAN. What has White Sox management said abou the fans?? And I quote " Fans do not mean anything! and said Ozzie "I dont care what the fans think,"

Join me in not attending any games in 2008 at US Cellular FIELD!!!

Juan : 1) it's Rowand, not ROWAN for god's sake 2) leave the churro recipe on the mezzanine as you depart 3) while you are at home boycotting, call your neighbor over to help you install spellcheck - your spelling & syntax are frightening.

If Josh Fields can stomach Ozzie's potty mouth then any one can. These players have enough pressure as it is. Anything that shifts the player's focus from that pressure is good for the White Sox. Ozzie can do that better than any one else.

If the Sun-Times want to help the White Sox contend in 2008 they should fire Moronotti. No one puts more pressure on these players than that creep.

i would not have paid rowand 10 million for his career year.they should have gotten cabrera.i dont know if it matters in the division they are in.i still think there starting pitching is weak.

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