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J.O. Time

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TUCSON, Ariz. – As of Friday morning, outfielder Jerry Owens was in the starting lineup for this afternoon’s game with Arizona.

The leadoff hitter had been slowed the last week with a sore groin, and missed the first two Cactus League games.

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There were no live broadcasts of the last 2 games but box scores indicate some of the young ones are hitting (Owens, Ramirez). Even Uribe showed up today and went 2 for 3. Solid pitching from Contreras yesterday and Buehrle today. Looks like MacDougal still stinks,giving up 3 runs today. I would like to know how the defense has looked but you can't tell much from the box score. I hope they have more fire than they did last year.

Pitching is HORRIBLE. White Sox players are too old!!
We are in TROUBLE!!!

Beat by KC today---huh??

Didnt we only beat them out for last place by 3 games last year????

Good game today against the team who we will be chasing in the basement. (Royals).

Good job Ozzie----with your embarassing mouth

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