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He said, he said

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TUCSON, Ariz. – It didn’t take long for the camp’s first controversy to show itself.
General manager Ken Williams stated on several occasions late last year and over the winter that the White Sox had reached out to Joe Crede and his agent Scott Boras about signing a contract extension to stay on the South Side.

The idea behind it for the club was a show of faith that Crede’s back would bounce back from season-ending surgery last year, as well as giving the free agent-to-be some security in what was a cloudy time for him.
Well, now there seems to be two versions of the story, with Crede arriving into camp on Saturday – given clearance by Major League Baseball to arrive early because of his comeback from the injury.
According to Crede, who has signed a series of one-year deals to avoid arbitration each offseason, no multi-year deal was ever on the table.
“I was never offered any amount of money of an extended number of years from the White Sox, Kenny, no one,’’ Crede told the Sun-Times. “You can’t sign a long-term deal if it’s not there. That’s the business side of baseball.’’
The business side of baseball is also one in which trade rumors take on a new life each and every day. Crede is no stranger to that, especially with good friend – and former Sox outfielder – Aaron Rowand now playing in San Francisco, and the Giants needing a third baseman with some pop.
While Crede did admit to speaking to Rowand within the last few days, he maintained that it wasn’t a recruiting conversation in which the outfielder was playing GM.
“I’ve never really talked to him about [coming there in a trade],’’ Crede said. “It’s more about him and what he does in the winter … trying not to get hurt.
“Yeah, the rumor is there, but I’m taking the approach of being here and playing the full year in Chicago. I think I’m playing here this year.’’
That remains to be seen.

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It appears to me that Boros is not communicating very well with Crede. A typical deceptive player agent that wants controversy. "Divide and conquer" strategy. No wonder Sox management doesn't trust Boros!

This is pretty clear. KW says he spoke with Boras and was told that the player is planning on exploring free agency. Crede says he was never offered a contract to stay. Both are accurate in that the White Sox will not bother offering a contract now if the player does not want to negotiate one now. Agree that Boras probably was not communicating well anyway, he was likely wrapped up in damage control with Alex Rodriguez. Just don't see a conflict here, are we manufacturing something to try and stir the pot a bit?

Even the consideration by Crede's camp of a low-ball, albeit multi-year deal potentially reduces his value down the road on the open market. It would give teams an artificial idea of one end of the bargaining spectrum that could cost him a lot if he is healthy. As far as the credibility issue between Boras and Williams, one has to look at the agent's track record and realize that he is not the most scrupulous of individuals. However, integrity is not a prerequisite to be a successful agent-the most important component is mercenary pursuit of gains for your client.
Why don't we all relax, let Joe play some ball, determine his health and trust Kenny to then make the best deal possible. Because guys, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Once again it's Joe Cowley spreading false hope about another signing. Remember when Cowley was on the Mike North show last November reporting that the Sox were very close to signing T. Hunter. Cowley was also dead wrong about Fukudome, Miguel Cabrera and Aaron Rowand coming to Bridgeport via free agency or a trade.

The White Sox have made no moves since the miracle of 2005 that weren't predicated on improving their bottom line. This year when attendance is down Reinsdorf and his minions will attack the loyalty of the fans as they have done in the past. Loyalty is a two way street and Joe Crede should get what he can on the open market.

I will miss Crede on the South Side...I'll never be able to forget his ALCS game winning hit.

Joe is doing the right thing in terms of his best interests. He's now put Williams on the spot while at the same time acknowledging his desire to remain a White Sox.

It's one thing to say that Kenny never offered him a long-term deal & quite another to dish any trade possibility to the Giants. Even the act of gettng clearance to play was the right move.

This isn't going to end here because Moronotti is sure to right a feature about it to stir the pot.

Get Joe some way some how signed to a 3-4-5 yr extension. Then deal Josh to Giants, Angels or Dodgers. Sox need Joe Credes veteran leadership and clutch hitting and above all the great Defense at 3rd.. Will help pitchers and Sox to win more games. Lets get it done Joe and Kenny ! FIND Boras Joe and get it done.

Better yet, sign Crede to a multi year deal, keep Fields to play First base, and trade Konerko. No question about his health make him a more viable trade candidate with a greater return.

We have waisted out timer with this average player Crede.

When will we wake up, as sox fans, that no one is going to give us anything for this injured has-been. He wasnt that good of a player when he was healthy. He was AVERAGE!

When the white sox lied to us about geeting a REAL players, that proved that we would be chasing Cleveland, Detroit Kansas City and Minnesota in May. Hoe embarassing!! Now they let Ozzie loose to run his MOUTH again. Hasnt Ozzie's mouth been embarrassing enough already for this organization?......Oh brother---continued embarassment. I am ashamed to be a White Sox Fan.

If Joe Crede gets traded for nothing(ala Iguchi and Garland) then I am completely against it. I am against it already because with a fragile pitching staff a defensive ace like Crede will be essential to their success. I have nothing against Josh Fields but he is a definite defensive downgrade at that position and will more than likely suffer from the famous "oh we didn't know who this guy was last year but we have adjusted to him try and hit this" syndrome that most players have after being relatively unknown and then having a great year offensively.

They need to find a way to keep them both if possible, and if not then DON'T GIVE EITHER OF THEM AWAY FOR NOTHING!

As a fan I have another problem though........what's with our teams NOT wanting to pay our talent to stay? The Bulls, Bears, Sox and Cubs seem hell bent on getting rid of our talent because they want to pay them. Can't be a world class city with second class sports teams :(

Brandon if you are ashamed don't go or watch the games and get off the blog, whiner. This is for real fans thick and thin last year was a abberration, would you have him spend millions for a 32 year old and a human crash dummy? would that make you happy. There are no guarantee's in sports thats why they play the games so if you are ashamed THEN DON'T WATCH AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF NO ONE CARES.

Lukester you're not even lukewarm, you need to get a life (and maybe a fifth grade english book while you're at it) Crede is one of the best defensive third basemen in the majors and the only question mark is if he can get his bat up to speed again. Don't get me wrong Fields is a top flight prospect and will succeed in this league, I have to wonder how he would develop in the outfield.

Joe Crede did what most of us would do if we we had the God-given talent to play third the way he does. We would do what was in the best interest of our families. Joe doesn't have that many more years left in his surgically repaired back so he hired the guy who is most likely to get the big bucks for him-Scott Boras. The down-side is that everyone, even guys like Brandon, knows that he was saying goodby to the Sox when he hired Boras. I hate to see him go but I understand why he has chosen this path. Josh Fields is a better third baseman than a lot of people, who have never played third, give him credit for. Crede wasn't a perfect fielder when he first came up. Fields will do very well; and I believe that he will be a far superior hitter than Crede. Good luck Joe, and God Bless.


Now you sound like Hawk and the White Sox Brass telling us what to say and when to say it. Im a bigger White Sox Fan than YOU! and can say on this blog whatever I want. YOU JUST CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

I AM ASHAMED that Ozzie Guillen represents White Sox Fans because he is a IDIOT. And all of the other owners think he is too. This is why we don not get any RESPECT around baseball...Hell, we are the SECOND team even in Chicago--to a team who hasnt won in 100 years!!! Lets we forget him taking OUR trophy to a dictator country who threatened the US---whatever, right??

You want to know WHY???? Becasue of Fans like YOU. Whining all the time abou the Cubs, accepting what the Brass has to say to us--talking about us like DOGS---Remember what Ozzie said "I can give a *&^@* what White Sox Fans think," Remember that you idiot??

YOU can accept that..Not the majority of die hard fans who want to se an improved product on the field. AND YES I WANT THEM TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS TEAM WHY NOT? We gave him the money--what did Reinsdork do with it?? NOTHING> They are in CHICAGO 2nd MAJOR MARKET TEAM IN THE COUNTRY. You DAMN RIGHT we should be signing high priced players!!!!! Make it interesting --show us that you mean business......

Spend millions on a crash dummy---please... We already have 3 (DYE KONERKO AND THOME) over the hill injury prone has-beens.


Amen brother. Bryant yearns to be like our loveable loser cousins to the north. Real White Sox fans know baseball. Real White Sox fans vote with their dollars. We don't believe in curses. We know that our inability to win is due to sub par ownership. Luckily for us baseball is mediocre enough across the board that only being the hottest team to get into the playoffs is enough to qualify our team for a ring fitting. In 2006 we defended our title without a centerfielder and a blathering idiot for a manager. Three million fans and no investment by the club. I don't want to wait another 90 years for our next shot. People like Bryant guarantee that fate.

I think Crede only has himself to blame for the uncomfortable situation he now finds himself in. If he had admitted last year just how bad his back was, and that he was NOT able to deal with the pain and gone in for the operation we all would have been better off. It wasn't all his fault that we ended up the year in the tank, but for sure he should get some of the blame. If Joe had wanted to stay with the Sox it would have been settled a long time ago. Let him go and let's move on with Fields who shows great promise!

Brandon, you are an absolute idiot....wouldn't know where to start....please go to the North Side......WE DON'T NEED YOU,

BRANDON take a hike you must be a Sox hater to think that JOE Crede is average. W/S hero clutch hitter, argubly the best "D" at 3rd base in the game. And a down to earth guy from MISSOURI. "he shows you chump"

Crede is NOT worth the aggravation? Back surgery?? HE IS THROUGH!!

Could play that well when he was standing up straight. Oh thats right. Idiot fans think we could trade him for a real player. Yeah, like any team would give something up for a has-been who cant stand up straight!!


Why aren't you in the kitchen???

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