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Crede Hurt

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Coming into this spring, all the concern with Joe Crede centered on the third baseman’s surgically-repaired back.
Now it’s his left hand.

Taking live batting practice on the first day that position players were expected into camp, Crede was plunked on the hand by guess who? Mike MacDougal.
Crede was golf-carted to the Kino Hospital next door to the facility by head trainer Herm Schneider, had the hand X-rayed and was back in 30 minutes with as good of news as he could have hoped for.
“It’s not broken,’’ Crede said.
The hand was obviously swollen and will be looked at again on Friday. As far as how long Crede will be on the shelf with the injury, that will also be determined on Friday.
Either way, it was not how the free agent-to-be wanted to start spring training off.

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Is that surprising???? Why would it be any different???
No sweat---hes only an average player anyway...........
Good RIDDANCE. Who are the white sox owners going to lie to us about now????

Might as well go ask Mike Schmidt if he wants third base. He will fit just fine with Old man Dye; Fat Swisher and Old Man Thome.

I will not be at any games this year!!!! are an idiot. (I've got nothing else, but it had to be said after that post.)

Trade Crede for what? Who in the world would anyone give up for a man who cant even stand up staraight---now even throw a ball??

Be real. Tell him to LEAVE!!!

I speak for all Sox fans when I say thank you for not attending any games this year. Your vast baseball knowledge will be missed but the rest of us will somehow enjoy the season without you.

How quickly they forget....these are some of the same players who won a championship two years ago. Sure, they are older and production has dropped, but Mr. Williams is trying to compete while at the same time turn the roster over to fresher and younger players. That's a difficult mixture, but choosing to keep around proven winners is a good strategy. Thome, Dye, these guys have been on more winning teams than losing teams. The Sox have holes but have done an adequate job trying to fix the largest problem--the bullpen.

Sox fans responded with huge attendance dispite a under achieving club in 07.In 08 I agree sox fans should stay home unless Williams & Reinsdorf get some real players who can win. Allot of holes in sox lineup. Typical MacDougal ,already messing things up.

hey Juan u wouldnt happen to be a cubs fan would u? ha..anyway Crede is a good player but it will be interesting to see if he can come back after that surgery but I'm pullin for him..he needs to fully rehab and heal maybe hit the minor circuit and try to make his comeback in end of june early july. I'm not sold on Fields who thinks he wants to retire already. This is his last year on his contract lets not forget what type of player he is when healthy and he is only 30 years old.

Don't confuse me with Juan. He's obviously a cub fan.

With the bat Fields proved he can be just as good as Crede in 2008 as an everyday player. He fin 2007 strong with a .936 OPS in Sept. But he's no Crede with the glove. Joe's proven both his dexterity & arm strength at 3B. Only plate appearances and hits have kept Crede from winning gold gloves with the White Sox.

Regardless of what Williams says, Fields is clearly the front runner for 3B right now. He's got to prove to Ozzie that he can be an above avg 3B in ST. If he does that, Crede will be traded.

If Fields flubs 3B though look for Williams to offer Crede a 24/3 yr deal w a 3mil buyout or 13mil option on a 4th yr guaranteed with 500+ AB's in the 3rd yr. No team including the Giants knows how well Crede's back will hold over the entire season. Crede's value is greatest with the White Sox. I don't see another team offering a 40/4 deal right now.

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