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Colon to the Sox?

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TUCSON, Ariz. - According to, the White Sox have reportedly reached an agreement with pitcher Bartolo Colon on a one-year deal pending the right-hander passing a physical.

One problem, the Sox weren’t indicating any such deal is in place as of late Tuesday night. Does it make sense? Slightly, especially with starters John Danks and Gavin Floyd still unproven over an entire season.
Undoubtedly, more to come on this Wednesday.

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Still a head scratcher......many reports indicated he was topping out onj his fastball in the mid 80's.....I would be suprised if he could make it thru an entire season.....would love to see Floyd and Danks have a good spring and eliminate this option.....don't think he would be a bullpen option either,

I could only hope this is true and not a fairytale. I think the Sox are making a good move to pick up Colon if this is true. I know he has had a few injuries, but he eats up innings and if he stays healthy could give the Sox a good staff keeping Danks and/or Floyd to be fourth or fifth starters which would be better for their development. He also brings a lot of experience and could be an asset to the young pitchers such as Danks and Floyd.

Why not? If healthy he can pitch better than Floyd & Danks, two guys that by the end of this year will probably not be on the Sox roster. Besides he can be an inspiration to all the young players on how not to get into shape!

Joe, I think this is a good deal because it's a no lose situation. Not a lot of money wasted if he doesn't pan out, and if he does, good for them. But personally I think he won't work out. A few weeks ago we heard he hasn't even hit 90MPH on the radar gun a few weeks in the Dominican Winter League.

I would be a great deal for the right price. If Bartolo can regain some of his past form it would allow some more growing time for Danks and Floyd. Can Never have enough veteran arms.

This sounds like one of those "free spin on the roulette wheel" coupons the casino includes in your 3 night Vegas room package. It most likely won't hit your number but if it does you get paid back handsomely, and it didn't cost you much.

No! No! No!
Please stop tying to patch up the pitching staff with QUESTIONABLE veterans. Let the kids develop. Bring up Gio Gonzalez.

Besides, Colon won't pass the physical.

i think that this would ultimatly be a good move for the sox. if colon is healthy and in shape, hopefully he will be able perform at a high level like he did when he won the cy young. and im still not sold on gavin floyd. danks looks very promissing though

Now I get it. Kenny Williams trades for healthy players with potential or healthy proven major leaguers(Linebrink, Swisher, Cabrera) and you want to run him out of town, burn him at the stake, etc. etc. But he picks up an over the hill, run down, injured pitcher, who thru some miracle MIGHT help in some LIMITED way and you geniuses who last week were never going to the Cell again, were returning your season tickets (which in truth, you probably didn't have) think this, in some way, is a good move. No wonder you are all sitting at home, out of work, complaining about everything under the sun, while reading mariotti. Keep up the good work Mr. Williams, we're lucky to have both you and Mr. Reinsdorf.

4appling...catch up with the times...Gio is now on the A's (as part of the Swisher deal). Don't make comments if you don't follow the Sox too closely. And questionable vets? We've been patching with rookies for a long time.

If we get Colon, Floyd and Masset are out of options, at least 1 of them would have to be traded (I see them included with Crede to the Giants for a better return...Lowry and top prospect or Cain/Lincecum)

Sorry 4appling, I read the name wrong.....It's Eddie who was clueless about Gio.

I agree with 4appling, it's basically a free gamble, at least I assume it is a very low price. If it doesn't pan out, then bring up a rookie and trade Colon for some minor leaguer or outright cut him

Hey Eddie, Gio Gonzalez was traded over a month ago.

Ozzie quote:
Guillen, who met earlier Wednesday morning with assistant general manager Rick Hahn, said the Sox hadn't spoken with representatives for Colon in several weeks.

Let's hope this is true (that the Colon report is false). If not, all this does is block the development of Gavin Floyd, Lance Broadway, Nick Masset, Jack Egbert and any of the other options in the Sox system that can produce equally, if not better than, Colon while making league minimum. The Sox will not be competing for a division or wildcard this year, so why sign an aging veteran with health viability concerns?

If the report turns out to be true, I hope that KennyGM was smart enough to make it a minor league NRI contract. If Colon is released during spring training, the cost would be significant if he received a major league deal as opposed to a pro-rated minor league deal ala Eduardo Perez last season during spring training.

I see they denied the report now, but it makes sense in line with what was reported in SF the other day. They are now the White Sox are saying Crede can be had for just prospects.

Colon enjoyed his time with the White Sox & pitched solid at USCF. It might be wise for the Sox to sign him, start him in AAA to get his arm strength back & then bring him up if Danks or Floyd should falter.

Another option is that KW intends to use the prospects from Crede & one of his young starters to secure either Roberts or Crisp in a trade.

I see absolutely no use for Colon except like juan suggest minor league deal start in minors get arm strength and return if youngsters falter. One of those young starters could be used in a deal with Balt or Bost for a proven player Roberts and/or Crisp would help as leadoff men so Swisher could be put in as a 3 hitter in front of Kornerko who could be followed by Thome,Dye and A.J. gives the lineup balance. Kornerko and Thome hit into too many DP's to bat third they also clog the basepaths. Crede should bring more than prospects Balt or Bos are better trade partners than the Giants.

Juan, why do we need Roberts or Crisp? We have 4 guys competing for 2nd base job....what do you do with them? Crisp? We have Quentin, Swisher, Anderson and Owens already......we don't want to get rid of young starters.....if you do,are you telling me you're going to depend on Colon? C'mon Juan....put down the bottle of vodka before you send crazy comments.....

Colon is the lesat of our problems. Ozzie's lieing constantly to us about who we are going to get and who he is talking to.

When is it going to stop with the sox brass?? Signing fat has-beens is not going to work for us in 2008.

This organization has traeted us fans like CRAP!!!

BOYCOTT THE WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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