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Your honor, your Honor

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The early speculation concerning Friday’s first of three town hall meetings involving White Sox fans and general manager Ken Williams is that the natives might not be as restless as first believed.

A big reason why?

This year’s SoxFest is catering to more of the country club fan, allowing those that bought the two-day hotel package to enjoy the opening day of the SoxFest activities first.

In other words, there might be softball questions thrown at Williams from the likes of Judge Smails and Ty Webb. Saturday’s town hall meeting might be when the true firing squad is unleashed in Williams’ direction, but that remains to be seen.

In any case, Williams has still not been asked if he has any last requests.

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The Sox Management and Announcers are the biggest bunch of Cry Babies I have ever seen.

Go on Hawk and Farmer blame that Sun Times Columnist. Be even bigger jerks toward the fans and watch when your team is 20 games out by the end of July and they are not showing up to the park.

You never alienate the customer!!!!

Jay Mariotti is a jerk and simply can't stand the fact that SOX are still the most successful team in Chicago. The Sox are last team to bring a title to Chicago. I get it Ozzie is an easy mark, but it's time for the third grade feuding to stop. Where is all the negative press for the Black hawks or Cubs neither of which have won any type of championship in recent or ancient history?
Chicago maybe a Cubs town but as far as alienating your customer---how about 100 years of Futility?


I am a Sox Fan but the fans have a right to have their questions heard and answered. It is bogus when you have lap dogs firing back. These people are men and not little boys.

As far as the Cubs and the 100 years, like Forest Gump sais Stupid is what Stupid does.

And, Yes the cubbies and their fans have already passed the 100 years of futility because 100 years ago the season ended in September and the World Series had ended already in September. The season now ends in October along with the World Series. So, the cubbie fans can now carry around the weight their ankles that has written on the attached ball that says: " I am a cubbie fan and I am a 100 year loser!!" Forest Gump was right.

Just like idiot crybabies talking about the cubs when we have serious problems on the southside. Wake up! Detroit is calling


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