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Ten Men In

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The White Sox announced on Friday the 10 players invited to spring training camp as non-roster invitees, and while none of them have a chance to make the 25-man active roster, there are a few that will be watched with interest.

Infielders Brad Eldred, Royce Huffman, Jeff Liefer and Michael Rouse as well as catchers Paul Phillips and Ryan Smith, infielder/outfielder Jason Bourgeois, outfielder Miguel Negron and right-handed pitcher D.J. Carrasco will join infielder Chris Getz when camp begins in Tucson, Ariz. next month.

The most familiar name is Liefer, once a first-round pick by the Sox in the 1995 draft and deemed a can’t-miss power hitter.

The 33-year-old Liefer appeared in 288 major-league games with the Sox (1999-2002), Montreal (2003), Tampa Bay (2003), Milwaukee (2004) and Cleveland (2005). He hit .244 with 25 home runs and 79 RBI in 209 games on the South Side.

Bourgeois, 26, combined to hit .306 in 127 games between Class AA Birmingham and Class AAA Charlotte last season. He led all Sox minor leaguers in stolen bases (38) and ranked fifth in average.

Meanwhile, Getz, 24, hit .299 with a .382 on-base percentage with Birmingham in 2007, but was limited to 72 games due to a right shin injury. He was named to the Southern League midseason All-Star Team and reached base safely in 84.7 percent of his games played with the Barons. Getz, who compiled a .360 on-base percentage with Phoenix in the 2007 Arizona Fall League, was selected by the Sox in the fourth round of the June 2005 First-Year Player Draft.

Sox pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Saturday, Feb. 16, with physicals and a workout scheduled for the same day. The rest of the squad is expected in five days later, with their physicals scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21.

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I would like to see the World Baseball Classic changed instead of all-star teams like the olympics. Why not change it to the World Series Turnament. We can have all the team compete from around the world and the US team doesn't have to play in the preseason.

Once again an off season where the White Sox refused to pay market price to improve themselves. Instead they went out and traded 2 top notch minor league prospects to get Nick Swisher, a poor replica Aaron Rowand or Torrie Hunter. Swisher has a lifetime batting average of .250. Just last season Kenny traded away fan favorate Ross Gload a .300 hitter, that could have been a starting left fielder. Will Kenny and Gerry, don't try to pawn a .250 hitter off as a great trade. That average is a few points higher than that of Juan Uribe. Some trade!

Swisher is signed to a deal that will cost the Sox no more than 3 top prospects in their lowly system & 37mil/5 yrs starting in 2008. What did they get for that?

A true SH .850 OPS ball of energy that can play OF/1B day 1. Outside of the mamoth Oakland bowl is a career .840 OPS player & a 1000 OPS player at USCF. He's stronger vs LH'ers (big plus in the ALC) but he can hit RH'ers well too. At USCF he figures to avg 30 HR's a yr.

If Konerko's traded then Swisher can move to 1B & Liefer might have a shot at making this team as a backup 1B/OF.

Sox fans have to admit that the W.S. were probabaly the slowest team in the A.L. and they have to add speed where ever they can; Swisher is much faster than Konerko thereby giving the Sox flexiblity should they choose to trade Konerko. Radical changes are necessary.

Off topic, but I came across an amusing article on the All-Juice Team. What a bomb squad this would have made if you take all the players in their "prime!"

The White Sox have let us down enough. They lied to us. They deceived us. And they sign people like Swisher (fat, slow, medium power, so what?) and expect us to be happy.

Where is all that money that the White Sox made on us the last 3 seasons when we packed the stadium,??

White Sox kept saying-----if you pay to see the ballclub then i will spend money Reinsdorf said. HOGWASH!!


there's a good review of the tigers below, but the poll has them winning the division at 90%!!! too high. bring that down!

From Cubs fan Ft wayne: The Cubs GM better start spending money.Looks like the White Sox GM is doin a better job!Oh, I forgot,noone owns the cubs and wrigley field is gonna change names? They can't really do that can they? Isn't Wrigley Field a Historical landmark? They didn't re-name Soldiers Field after it's renovations?

The payroll now looks to be $118 mil, & the Tigers look to be at $130 mil. Kenny's done the best he could with the money he has.

O Cabrera + N Swisher replacing J Uribe + D Erstad is a major improvement.

Contra + Danks + Floyd replacing Garland + Contra + Danks is major decline. That's why the rumor mill has Noah Lowry coming in exchange for Crede. Contra + Lowry + Danks represents a minor decline.

Linebrink + Dotel replacing Myers, Sisco, Aardsma, & a handful of other losers is a major improvement.

The biggest improvement is team speed. Between Owens, Cabrera, Quentin, Ramirez, Ozuna, & Dinhar Ozzie has options for lead-off. If one guy gets hurt or falls into a slump they've got legit options now.

I hate to see Crede go, but if they are going to contend in 2008 they need a guy like Lowry.




They are using us as FOOLS!!!.

I agree. UIm tired of the Whiote Sox distroying our team and talking to us like DIRT!!

I wont be attending any games in 2008!!!

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