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Top 5 observations to come out of the SoxFest weekend:

5. Make room: Speedy outfielder Jerry Owens might not win a starting job out of camp, but he will undoubtedly win a spot on the 25-man roster. White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen wants him to make it, as does GM Ken Williams. That would give the Sox a platoon situation in the outfield with Carlos Quentin and Owens, as well as give Guillen a valuable pinch-run option late in games. Unless Owens is a disaster in camp, expect him to at least win the fourth outfield spot. Ozzie usually gets what Ozzie wants.

4. Just say “no’’: You want to make sure your kids stay away from drugs? I had a chance to catch up on VH-1’s ‘’Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew’’ over the SoxFest weekend, and just plop Junior in front of that for an hour and let him watch what drugs did to actor Jeff Conaway. Who would have ever thought that the actor that played Bobby Wheeler on the show “Taxi’’ would end up playing Reverend Jim Ignatowski in real life?

3. All eyes on second base: No spring battle will be more intriguing than the four-man dance for second base. In one corner you have the unknown in Cuban rookie Alexei Ramirez. In the other is up-and-comer Danny Richer. Then there’s Juan Uribe, fresh off losing his starting shortstop job to Orlando Cabrera and rumored to be angry about it. Finally, Guillen’s favorite player in Pablo Ozuna. Early odds? Never discount what Uribe can do. Ask a certain farmer in the Dominican Republic.

2. The natives were not restless after all: Maybe the trade for Nick Swisher really was enough to bring Sox fans off the roof. After spending an offseason reading and hearing threats of ticket boycotts from Sox fans, at least the ones that showed up last weekend were calm and upbeat. Then again, give it until June.

1. Joe Crede: The whispers around the organization still seem to point to the idea that if the third baseman shows up to camp and the back looks strong he will be gone by the middle of Cactus League play. The top suitor remains San Francisco, who may even have a deal in place with the Sox, contingent on the back recovery. The big reason why? Aaron Rowand. While talking to Williams in his first free-agent discussion with the club this offseason, the second question out of Rowand’s mouth – right after “That’s all the years can you give me?’’ – was about the future of his good friend Crede. Don’t think for a second that Rowand isn’t in the ear of Giants’ brass, campaigning for Crede to come West and be locked up to a contract extension.

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The Crede possibility.......does it involve Noah Lowry? I would do that deal right now.....I'll take Crede to the airport.....there is ZERO chance of him re-signing with us.....and I love Crede, but he has played his last game in the regular season with Sox.........

whoa...i liked the first part of the comment on uribe's chances for the 2nd base spot, but what's with the cheap shot about the farmer in D.R.?

if you have some information, put it in the paper or notify the authorities. from what i read in your paper, juan did not commit a crime

What do the Giants have in return for him?If hes ok and plays well hes worht somthing good we need right?Do they have any one we need?

Why is there zero chance of Crede re-signing with the White Sox? The big spenders have already committed to 3B so teams that are left are in the range of what the White Sox spend. Boras can drive up the price w/out one of the big 6 involved & they have to move a mainstay first. It's not likely Crede is going to be an all-star this year so that's not like to happen.

Both the Yanks & LAA have need of Konerko & I'm sure there are a few NL teams as well. If Kenny deals him that would free up the $$$ to sign Crede. I don't think $/Boras is preventing that. The biggest concern is if you sign Crede to an 8 fig deal can you count on him to stay healthy?

I think that's why Kenny's pulled back of late & refuses to speculate on Crede's future.

If the Giants trade Lowry for Crede, I would be pretty mad. Look at how little the Mets gave up for Santana, the best pitcher in baseball. And it is pretty much known that the ChiSox want to start Field. So how much do you think a 30 year old 3B with a history of bad back (much like a former Giant, Edgardo Alfonzo) with a ready replacement, heck, he's not even assured of a job come opening day, is worth?

Given how Sabean has operated this off-season and stated how the Giants will work, I don't see how he would trade Lowry, who pitches very well and, equally important, has a long-term contract that gives economic certainty (and cheapness, really), for a short-term player like Crede.

Nor do I see the Giants giving him a long-term extension. I laugh at that for two reasons. One, Boras don't do extensions, his guys go free agency. And even if he bends on that one, two, if you look at Crede's stats, he's basically the American version of Pedro Feliz, and the most the Giants were willing to give him was two years, and Boras won't be having his client sign a one year extension rather than testing the free agent market.

Lets trade Crede to the Giants for Tim Lincecum.

Lowry is too much to give up for Crede...

Maybe Hennessey or Sanchez

Noah Lowry? What are you smoking? The Giants are going to give up a few ears of corn like everyone else has when they've raped the White Sox this winter.

So, it's highly unlikely that Konerko will go to the Angels at this point. If that move was to happen it would have already. KW and PK both refuted the notion that PK was on the trading block, so that is dead.
As far as Crede, why would you want to part ways with your starting 1B in order to secure a second 3B? What do you do with Fields if you re-sign Crede? KW already basically said that Fields will be starting at 3B this year.

Forget Crede, he take his sorry butt somewhere else, I am mad at him for blowing smoke up the Sox about his back, getting a new contract and then deciding to sit the year. What a waste of time and money he was, the fact he is a Borass client just makes his presence expendable.
No thanks, have fun on an awful Giants team with Rowand....buh-bye!

Kenny Williams has stated many times he wants some grinders, some players for his manager that will play with heart, toughness and grit. When he fired Jerry Manual he was asked whom he gave Jerry that exemplified this style. His answer was Roberto Alomar and Carl Everett. What!? Until Kenny trades away someone who becomes a consistent major league performer, the only thing I appreciate about him is his philosophy of trading youngsters without a future for someone who can possibly help this year. Outside of Guillen and Rowand, I can't think of a grinder except newly acquired Swisher and possibly Pierzynski. Perhaps since no one wants to trade these grinders away (G.Sizemore, Ellsbury, Jeter, Pedroia etc) perhaps he could figure out a way to actually draft even one decent prospect. He hasn't traded away a good one (jury's still out on 30-30 guy C.Young) because he can't evaluate a good one and draft him in the first place!

What the White Sox need to do is get another owner and a new gm

Once again, Joe Cowley is talking about another Sox Transaction that won't come to fruition. Lets see he was wrong about:

* T. Hunter coming to Bridgeport
* Miguel Cabrera coming over in a trade.
* Fukudome playing for Bridgeport.

Cowley has to be the worst reporter that the Sun-Times has ever had. This guy can't even predict that the sun sets in the west.


Hold up brah,

Cowley here, and you need to stop changing history or at least learn how to read.

All I did was simply write that Hunter was a done deal unless another team came from nowhere and blew him away. FACT!

The Sox did try and get Cabrera in a trade. FACT!

The Sox were in a bidding war with Fukudome. FACT!

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Now go back and read what was written in the Sun-Times rather than making things up.


The Giant's have hole at third and in the middle of the line up. A traditional power hitting third baseman is exactly what they need, even though they plan to build around pitching, defense and spped.

As good fielder as Joe Crede was, we don't know where his back issues are going, he's never had the pressure of the middle bat in the line up and his HR power has to be tempered the hitting as the fourth best HR guy on a monster power line up.

Add to hat Scot Boras. who will prevent Crede form signing, if it looks like he's currently healthy and could stay that way. (He'll see just what the Giants see this Spring)

that leave the distinct possibility of the Giants trading for a rent-a-player, who will be adjusting to a new league. I like Crede, but Giants fans would go nuts if Noah Lowery were traded and Crede left next year. Don't expect that one for one.

Trading young starter Johnathan Sanchez, a prospect at starter who's ready for a his MLB shot or even Kevin Corriea one-for-one is all the Giants should offer.

Frankly. the Giants would give more, and risk more, on Josh Fields. who as QB at Oklahoma State, face more pressure than hitting clean up for a rebuilding Giants club.

that a trade that makes sense for Lowery, and maybe even another starting prospect. That's why the Sox probably won't make it.

The Giants will never trade Noah lowry for Crede. Most i would give up would be Dave Roberts.


No! You hold up!

* You shot your mouth off about how close the Sox were about to sign Hunter on the Mike North show. (Both North and Fred still lampoon you about it)

* You also spoke on the air (Another time) about Fukudome, Cabrera and how you can see a deal being done. You are horrible about making predictions PERIOD. I am surprised you didn't pop off about Bridgeport trying to get Santana especially since the sox are brimming with minor league talent. Let's see a typical Cowley reesponse would be " The climate is there to make a trade with the Twins."

I think the Sox should trade Crede and cash for Dave Roberts and Ray Durham, that sounds good.

Some of you (Juan, Mike) need to deal with reality.....why would you be mad about getting Lowry for Crede? You sound like my 11 year can't keep everyone....I like Crede too, but he is in a walk just want to keep him and get nothing for him? You are also OK with Danks and Floyd at the back end of the rotation? Crede and Boras have made it clear he will explore free agent market.....lastly considering the Giants are one of the worst run baseball franchises, don't be suprised if Sabian does this deal.....his other option is Wes Helms from Philly....he is desparate at this point.....


Is it true that you used to write a blog for the Southtown, because that was one of the blogs that I read everyday. I thought it was the best source of Sox information out there.

Will you do that again this year?

The heck with Lowery I want Lincecum!!!!

Stu, I never said I was mad about the White Sox trading Crede for Lowry. I was talking more about the general perception that the White Sox can't afford to re-sign Crede.

If Kenny's able to get Lowry for Crede + prospect then he should do it. Regardless of what I think of Crede, LH starters are at a premium in this league so you've got to grab it when it's offered.

All this wishful thinking the the White Sox are ever interested in making a major league trade.


the white sox used us--they told us to fill the stadium and they would produce results. ALL LIES. PLEASE.. not one more person write that "One more trade with a couple of players would put us back into contention." ARE YOU ON DRUGS!!!

Have you ever been introduced to the Tigers and Indians? Some one else on mind altering pils said that the white sox will be in contention for the wild card. WHAT??? Ever heard of Boston and the Yankees?? Kansas City has greatlu improved. Oh, im sorry, fat boy Nick Swisher's Average bat and slow skils will throw out a buch of runers advancing. Betwen him and Jermaine Dye--they will spend a lot of time on that warning track chasing balls they let get by them.

Listen you ignorant FOOLS!!! Wgat place did we come in last year. THREE games in front of Kansas City!!!

WAKE UP and realize that the white sox are not even in the picture! Boycott the white sox in 2008. Sox Fans make a statment and do not spend any money in 2008 at US Cellular Field!!!!

The year doesn't start until March 31st or so. Kenny has more time to make moves. Only on paper do the WSox have the five man rotation being mentioned in their current depth charts in many publications. I don't like where they are, but the bullpen is better, Swisher is a cocky son of a gun and should bring a little of what we all miss from Aaron Rowand; and the rotation will probably change before opening day.
Or if Crede plays all year and walks...we get a first round pick or at least a supplemental round pick for his exodus. I've read up on these youngsters that were available in the first year '07 draft and many of the good ones landed from the 20th to the 50th picks. Don't just cast off the advantage of a year for Fields to figure out some defense while he learns even more about hitting all the while the WSox enjoy getting a solid defensive and offensive year from Crede whose free agent signing brings us a damn good prospect to develop or trade from some greedy club that signs him in '09! And our starting pitching surprised us in 2005, and may do the same this year with Crede manning third and Cabrera covering short. It's not a matter of whether we should spend our money at the gate, but whether we play each one of our 40 cards the best way possible to toss our hat at that elusive World Series opportunity all thirty clubs should feel they have in 2008.

STFU John!! Quit your crying! It's not all of Kenny's fault that the players underachieved so much. They actually did put money into the team after we filled the stadium. In fact, I think we're #6 in payroll this year. They said they would put money back into the team if we showed up, and they did. So stop moaning. If we get another starting pitcher we will compete this year.

2008 White Sox: on paper they're a 3rd place team & rising. eports out of Cle say CC is on the trade block now as NL teams scramble to answer the Santana move. His value may never be higher than right now & Shapiro knows it.

We've already read reports out of SFG of their interest in Crede & LAA for their interest in Konerko. While Williams denies those reports the other GM's haven't. That means they are trying to entice Williams to trade. So we are likely to get either Lowry or Ervin Santana from that trade.

Kenny has to decide whether he should commit to the 2005 model of dominant pitching, weak offense, quick feet, & solid defense OR stand pat with above avg pitching, above avg offense, quick feet, & solid defense.

I think we have seen over the years that dominant pitching inspires offense. Especially at USCF. He should commit to the 2005 model & give up the bats.

Where do you find all these boycott kooks, IT'S A SPORT NIMROD. The Sox will be just as competitive as any one else if the players just fall back to form. Just because the Tigers look good on paper the old cliche you have to play the games. Last season everything that could go wrong went wrong, the Indians stayed pat also, so let's crown them playoff bound too. Any team in any sport is one major injury or two subpar seasons awaay from disaster. So boycott boy why don't you wait and see. Besides the money they saved in not panicing they could use since your sorry ass ain't gonna be there. HA HA HA.

i have been a diehard my whole life.does anyone really think the starting pitching is going to be any good?too many question marks with the lineup.uribe?please.ozuna?hes a spot starter at best.i hope they prove me wrong.

Luck favors the prepared minds. Thanks to Santana's threat this weekend of exercising is unlimited no-trade clause in his contract with the Twins, the Mets get arguably the best starter in the NL for what amounts to a steal in talent. Santana's $151/7 is anything but.

With Santana now a Met 2 things are obvious:
1) The Cubs will go 100 yrs w/out a championship & 51 yrs w/out a World Series appearance in 2008.
2) The Red Sox are now free to trade Crisp to the White Sox.

Kenny will put up his best offer & the Red Sox will decide whether it's enough. Assuming it is, Crisp will be the starting CF & Swisher in LF.

Both Crisp & Swisher would make for interesting conversations. Their career #'s at USCF are much better than in Boston & Oakland. Crisp has a .806 OPS/.489 SLG avg in 144 PA at USCF & Swisher has a 1.023 OPS/.568 SLG avg in 44 PA at USCF.

With Crisp in CF, Kenny will be more likely to trade both Crede & Konerko for more pitching. Swisher can play 1B.

Listen up idiots.........One more pitcher and the white sox will contend?? You make me SICK! You mean 5 more pitchers. Look at the Tigers aqnd Cleveland lineups you idiots!!!! Come back to this world. Burherele----5 point ERA and barely a 500 record!------and who else??? Fat a-- swisher?? Over the hill DYE? ust remember last place in 2007!!!

Whos going to run. Daydream about even trading with SF---no body wants too play for this sorry ass franchise team---listen to what the players say. The white sox are the laughing stock of baseball!

Did you know what the White Sox Brass said about us at Sox Fest. My children and I have never been so humiliated in our life. They were treating us like we were at a neighborhood bar!

No fans could ask questions without being jumped on by Ed Farmer. A pitcher who could get no one out......I will never step foot into US Cellular Field again! This was the last straw!!!! It is unprecedented for a sports brass and announcers to treat us like we were PIGS! Thank you for truely showing my family and I your true intentiuons---what you REALLLY think about us!

Sorry fans, this is the only way....... I agree with the other writer to boycott to send a strong and clear message. Please, dont let anyone talk to you and treat you like this. Especially whrn you pay 6.00 for a beer

I want to say as a fan that is now 1400 miles away I support what has been done to structure this team for 2008 and feel there is more to come. I ask for those who bash the trades of the White Sox to go back to your 100 year drought on the North side and leave the 2005 World Champions to win again. KW has been duped by some that stated they would sign only to use it to bargain with another team. Lets see who stands in 1st on July 31 (no not the cubs). Did any one predict the 2005 White Sox to win it all, good lets do in again. Go Sox.

I was there & have no idea what you're talking about. If someone believe's in the job they are doing then you expect them to defend that vigorously. It's obvious by your comments you never thought about that.

I agree that there probably aren't many players who want to play for either Reinsdorf or Williams but there are plenty who want to play for Ozzie. If they are able to get Crisp they will have upgraded no less than 4 positions (CF,LF,SS,2B). They will get a starter for either Konerko or Crede. Just watch.

The point that I was trying to make is that the 2005 white sox were not expected to win the division let alone the world series. Every year the Yankees are the best team on paper, but fall to the side in the playoffs. A team on paper does not win world series, the games must be played. With a few smaller improvements the white sox can be the team to beat and not the tigers or indians. Enjoy your baseball year watching the cubs lose, it's a great tradition to follow. GO SOX.

Anonymous that's why you use that monicker you are are MORON, you and John you are not fans your cry babies. The Sox just like the year everything went right in 07 everything went wrong. It is unusual for a team to have such a year bad as they did good. But if you don't like it DON'T GO MORON. The games have to be played let's see if Detroit and Cleveland are that good.

This is why I call you IDIOTS! As a life-long die-hard White Sox Fan I expressed DEEP DISPLEASURE on how the White Sox Brass treated us as a WHITE SOX FAN CONVENTION---and all you idiots can talk about are the CUBS!!

There is something seriously wrong with you. Lets worry abour our kitchen and not theirs. I could care less what the Cubs do--i do care what the White sox have done to me and my children.

You stand around and be treated like crap with this lowly team. It will take a lot more than small improvements---do you remember what place we came in last year? Small improvement huh? Then when you ask questions you get yelled at by not only the white sox managers but also the ignorant lowly radio announcers!!!!

I dare you bring the Yankees in this talk. Yeah, Team is in the playoffs every year and we cant even beat them. We have a last place team and you care about what the Cubs do. It figures!

Hey Thomas

Its a FANS CONVENTION!!! NOT a mangers and Brass convention.
We pay the money to say WHATEVER AND WHENEVER we want---and expect that the childish white sox brass would not stoop so low to respond to us in a demeaning fashion.

Never hear about that in any other professional organization do you?? You can defend your organization by NOT being a complete BUTT about it.

But of course, you wouldnt know anything about that.....
Last place like last year bud, get use to it!!

hey juan,happy anniversary on the north side!100 years of futility.let me guess.this is the year!put a big "l" on your forehead.

I did bring in the big bad machine called the Yankees, why yes they make the playoffs, but when have they last won a world series? I feel if you don't win it all then what place you finished doesn't matter.Do you not feel the 08 team is better than the 07 team (games still to be played). Would I have liked to see a Santana or a Willis on the South Side, you better believe it. I support the team in good and bad (true fan). Can you go to your boss and demand change, no. This is a company and is being run like one. I understand that better decisions should have been made (trading the farm) but players that are subpar now cost 10mm per year. As long as we spend 300 dollars to take a family to a game it is our evil and will conitinue to spiral out of control.

Pitching is needed at this time and I feel the trigger will be pulled to get a quality starter. What else does this board feel is needed to get back to the promise land (with the players in place playing to there potential of course). One week and it all starts and we then can see what we have. I support two teams, the ChiSox and who ever is playing the Cubs. Have a great day. Go Sox.


What place did we come in last year??? Three games from last place next to the Kansas City Royals. You are such an idiot, i cannot even respond to you anymore.

The Yankees pay their players to WIN. They have the same market as Chicago---a big market with money. Except the difference is that the White Sox leave thier fans out to dry after winning in 2005. With our money spent, we could have won a couple of more. Before then in was 1919 LESS YOU FORGET!!!! And we had to STEAL that one.

How many times have the Yankees won?? Please, i dont have a calculator.

Its about putting the best product with money and a farm system year after year. The Yankess draw over 4 million a year. The White Sox draw 4 million EVERY TWO YEARS! And they have the means to do it but continue to USE US every year by crying more broke than the government. I am through with the White Sox and I am a lfie long fan. Good riddance to you and the rest ofd the fans who like to be treated like IDIOTS year after year.

REMEMBER WHAT OZZIE GUILLEN SAID ABOUT THE FANS: "What the fans think does not even matter. They could be invisible for all that I care. And i hope they do not even show up at the ballpark anyway!"

Yeah Thomas B. you my friend are a fan. As for the farm there's no gaurantee a player will blossum into a star. Some of the best were later rounds and found in Latin America so go figure, but the industry is what it is, money driven fan fueled and now the networks and sponsors(commercials) now feed the beast also. If you keep things in prospective it's a game it's entertainment that's all. And as long as the beast gets fed it will eat and most will watch. Boston got back with pitching and timely hitting, remember big Papi didn't have a great year but he was there when they needed so take heart Sox fans enjoy the season GO SOX!!

I respect Fields' Christian faith but his comments in OK recently did him no favors. He's backpeddled on them since but he basically said he couldn't stomach an offensive clubhouse atmosphere. I can't imagine anybody being more offensive than the Oz.

Ozzie doesn't have a doghouse as much as he has an outhouse and I think Fields just put one foot in it.

As for the pitching in the ALC, Crede for Lowry will give the Sox the best rotation in the ALC.

It seems like after reading all of these posts the term "fair weathered fan" comes to mind. True fans stick by the team and do not issue a boycott. All that is left to be said is "let the games be played and see what happens." As you know KW has a trigger finger and I feel the last shot is yet to fired. I still think this is a better team than the 2007 team. I will pay my 189$ to watch the games since I do not get them on regular TV. Every one was upset over the white flag trades in 98 and now it seems like they want it again. Hang in there, it is going to be a good year. If you do not go to the games it may be better but does that teach your kids anything good? Some of you are acting like kids when you preach how you could not be heard, if it was up to you, you would have signed every free agent out there and we all have seen that does not get the job done. Remember the 2005 them song and Don't Stop Believen. Go Sox in 08, win or lose, it's great to have baseball back.

5) Start Quentin, Owens fine as a 4th/5th outfielder due to competency at all 3 positions and pinch running ability, but overexposure to his bat would be the proverbial anchor weighing down the Sox' ability to score runs.

4) So irrelevant I want to puke.

3) I'd like to see Richar or Ramirez win out here. Uribe is much less valuable if he can't play short, because defense is what gives Ozzie the excuse to play him despite that lousy OBP. Ozuna is literally worth about zero WARP for his career, and would basically be the infield version of Jerry Owens. I'd let Richar or Ramirez play based on who has a better spring (regardless of how the other two look on a small sample), because at least there's potential (albeit slim) for us to have an above average 2B with one of those guys.

2) Nick Swisher is a far better player than Torii Hunter. I couldn't be more thrilled that I get to watch such an exciting player for the next 5 years.

1) Bengie Molina is currently slotted to hit cleanup for the Giants, with Randy Winn in the #3 hole. People attending Giants games this year might really depend on the addition of Crede, even in that market. There is no way that the Giants are giving up Noah Lowry. 1 year of health-questionable Crede for Lowry is not worth it. There is low chance of re-upping Crede, Juan, because of how eerily similar Josh Fields is to Crede, and Fields is way cheaper. Either Crede proves he's healthy and goes to San Fran / gets traded by midseason or he proves he's too hurt to play well, giving the Sox no reason to resign him when Fields is the better player.

The 2008 White Sox figure to be this:

Lineup: Crisp-CF, OC-SS, DH-Thome, 1B-Kong, LF-Swisher, RF-Dye, 3B-Fields, C-AJ, 2B-ARam Bench: Ozuna, Quentin, Owens, Hall

Rotation: Buehrle, Vazquez, Lowry, Contra, Floyd
Bullpen: Danks, McDougal, Wasserman, Thorton, Linebrink, Dotel, Jenks

IMO, that's a solid team. Because Ozzie uses his bench more than any other AL mgr there's not a big deal on this team over starting. N Swisher gives Ozzie a LOT more options. He can now sit the vets (Thome/Konerko + Dye) & play Swisher at 1B. That opens RF & LF for Quentin & Owens. Ozuna will back up every one in the middle IF.

There's no place for Uribe on this team. He either impresses Ozzie in ST to earn a spot at 2B or bump Ozuna off the bench OR Kenny eats a mil or two & moves him for ml'ers.

Where's there's smoke there's fire & that's especially true of the White Sox. The rumors are too strong for both Crisp & Lowry to ignore them.

The White Sox Getting Nick Swisher Was The Best Part Of The Off-Season!,I'm Steamed Sweeney Is Gone Though!,So If Crede And/Or Konerko Goes!,Don't End Up Trading Lance Broadway!,Then You People May Turn To Morons!

Ryan Sweeney,Josh Fields,Gio Gonzalez,And Fautino De Los Santos Were Big Prospects And Now They Are Gone!,I Better Hope Not To See Another!,Cause When Jermaine Dye And Brian Anderson Plus Alex Cintron Are Gone Who's Taking Place Afterwards?,Michael Jackson,A Monkey Drinking Whiskey!,And A Freaked Out Cyclist On The Tip Of The Emipre State Building?,No!,You Should Be Thankful Having Players Like Thome And Buehrle On The Team!,Konerko And Crede Is A Different Story!




Man, by reading this you would think it was the White Sox 100 years removed from their last World Series Championship. What the hell is wrong with you people!??!?! Am I happy with the White Sox team this year? Not as happy as I thought I was going to be by any means. Do I think they will compete a lot more this year? Absolutely!!! In fact I think they are going to surprise a lot of people including Detroit and Cleveland. Look at that bullpen. 100 times better than last year (as long as they rid themselves of MacDougal). Swisher is a major improvement over any clown they had running around the outfield last year (Andy Gonzalez, Pablo, Ryan Sweeney). We finally have a shortstop with a glove AND a bat, and a starting pitching staff that is getting disrespected up and down by all these so called baseball experts. This team should have a major chip on their shoulder and I expect them to play like it. Its not how you look on the line up card (which I think the Sox look good on paper as well), its how you play the games. Have a little optimism about your team. You sound like North Siders!!!

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