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Silence is Golden?

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By Joe Cowley Staff Writer

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – All is quiet surrounding the White Sox camp as noon came and went here in Nashville, and that could be a good thing.

Manager Ozzie Guillen has already left the building, headed back to Florida, while general manager Ken Williams is taking a deep breath and getting back to work on making his revamped big board come to life once again through the disappointment of losing out on Torii Hunter and now Miguel Cabrera.

There are whispers that the Sox spoke to a few teams about third baseman Joe Crede, but talk was as far as it has reached at this point.

One name that did catch the Sox’ attention was Toronto outfielder Alex Rios being on the market, but the Jays – like the Sox – are invested in a payroll that screams “win now’’ and the cost for Rios is a major-league starter that has a track record. In other words, there’s no real match considering the Sox already have two question marks in the starting rotation with John Danks and Gavin Floyd.

Williams will meet with the media once again early this evening, but the silence surrounding the Sox would make it seem that there will be little to report. Or maybe, just maybe, this is the silence before the storm. Unlikely.

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I salute Tigers management for being proactive. They clearly see that
the window of opportunity for being World Series contenders is short
and they are going for it.
Jerry Reinsdorf continues to count pennies and throw out low ball
bids. The White Sox are getting old and they've already weakened their
starting pitching by trading Garland for a player they don't need. Why
sign Cabrera if you just re-upped Uribe? Obviously the Sox do not have
a plan while other teams are moving along and seizing the opportunity.

Reinsdorf said that if the White Sox draw that he will spend. The last
3 years the fans have come to US Cellular in record numbers. Reinsdorf
continues to treat the White Sox as a medium market team.
Last time I checked Chicago is larger than Detroit.

Why do people continually complain about the sox payroll? It was 4th in the league last year, and they have 100 million committed to 14 players already. Spending the money smart is what needs to be done.

There is a HUGE difference between being Mr. Mike Ilitch and the bean counter Jerry Reinsdorf. One is worth about 2 billion dollars, the other one not even WORTH it mention it.

Now let me get this straight,if the cubs had won the world series in 2005,they would still be living off the fumes(and all would have been well in Merriotti land).Jay goes on ESPN and says the sky is falling with The Chicago White Sox,and all of the buzzards are circling the carcus.Until the northside team gets just one world series appearence(let alone winning the damn thing),listen to Ozzie "shut up and worry about yourself".

I find it disgraceful that the Sun Times continues to allow Jay Mariotti to manifest his vendetta against the White Sox in his column in this otherwise fine newspaper. Why is he allowed to leave whatever journalistic integrity he might have at home? He should be held to a higher standard if he is going to write for a major newspaper in a city like Chicago.

The Jays want a "major league starter (with) a track record" for Rios? Hmm, that sounds a lot like Garland... Too bad the Sox gave him up for a modest upgrade at SS.

It's not that Torii Hunter got away. That was a bad contract from the beginning, even at $15 million/per. The last thing the Sox need is to get older and slower. The Angels WAY overspent for Hunter like the Cubs did last year with Soriano and I believe they'll pay for it sooner than later due to his recent history of injuries.

It's not entirely that the Sox lost out on the Cabrera/Willis sweepstakes. Obviously, it's been a tough pill to swallow since they ended up going to a division rival, but the fact is that the Sox didn't have the young talent (specifically a catcher) the Marlins were looking for in a trade.

What I am outraged the most about is the fact that just about as soon as the season ended, Tampa Bay let it be known that they would entertain offers for Carl Crawford. I am of the opinion (and have been for at least a year now) that Crawford would have been the one player that really could have fit well into the way this team is currently constructed and could have been a huge contributor.

Additionally, my thought was that the Sox could possibly have moved Garland to the Rays (to help anchor their young staff) along with one or two other players/prospects to obtain Crawford. But the fact that the Twins were able to obtain Delmon Young for Matt Garza and two other players (that are for the mostpart nameless), to me, is an absolute abomination! Where was Kenny on this one? Delmon Young is now going to be killing the Sox for years to come, just like Torii Hunter did.

I really don't believe at this point that there is going to be anything that Kenny Williams is going to do to dig himself out of this hole. Two of his division rivals have already dealt him devastating blows and if the Indians were able to obtain Jason Bay, we would've had a TKO in the first round of the Hot Stove.

I think the only thing that would keep Sox fans from completely abandoning this team (only two short years after a WS title!) is if Brian Anderson, Ryan Sweeney, Jerry Owens, Josh Fields, Gavin Floyd, Nick Masset, Gio Gonzalez and good old Johnny Danks become Major League All Stars in 2008. We all know the likelihood of that.

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