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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – If there were any thoughts that the White Sox would look to add to the starting rotation, general manager Ken Williams put that to rest on Wednesday.

Asked about entering the season with John Danks and Gavin Floyd in the backend of his starting rotation, Williams responded, “Well, they’re in the back-end of the rotation now, but in 29 other rooms around the building right here these are two guys that everyone would want, and most people in the industry view as top-of-the-rotation guys. Our pitching is not going to be a problem this year. We’ll be fine in that area.’’

As far as lefty Gio Gonzalez jumping one of them this spring, Williams wouldn’t bet on that.

“[Gonzalez is] in a better position than last year in terms of his maturity level and progress, but he’s going to be behind John Danks and Gavin Floyd,’’ he said. “Gavin Floyd showed us last year that he’s ready for full-time big-league work, so did John Danks. The only reason that John Danks at the end of the season did not pitch the last few weeks is because we knew what we had.

“We know what we have there and we wanted to see that in Gavin Floyd so we could take the next step with both of them.’’

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Keep it coming Kenny, keep blowing that hot air! It's cold here in Chicago. We're already finished this year, might as well trade Konerko and Crede to the Angel's for Kotchman, Willits and reliever. Kenny, your an idiot.

Kenny Williams must be living in some parallel universe when he says "our pitching will not be a problem this year" and the rest of that malarky about Danks and Floyd somehow having proven themselves last season. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that the Sox have three big holes in their starting rotation, and one was newly created by Williams trading Garland for an aging good field/no hit shortstop. Just how are they gonna win when Contreras, Danks and Floyd post era's in the stratosphere again this year? Moreover, how is Linebrink going to single-handidly compensate for the damage McDougal, Sisco, Masset and the rest of the circus in the bullpen is going to wreak. Except for maybe three or four guys, the pitching staff is terrible. It doesn't come within light years of what the Tigers and Indians now have. Now thin-skinned Kenny is getting touchy and doesn't want to talk to the media. Get over yourself man and admit that you have screwed up royally for the past couple of years. You're not a baseball analyst, you're nothing but a flim-flam artist, full of hot air and BS.

I'm so pumped about all the Sox' huge moves at the Winter Meetings that I believe it's time to reward the fans by raising ticket prices. I'd pay anything to see this juggernaut of a team. Great job, Kenny and Jerry. Keep those .230 hitters coming.

Hey, 2005 seems like a decade ago. At least we saw a World Series win in our lifetime. It looks like it was an aberration.

It started last year giving Contreras an extension, nothing
more disgusting than knowing anytime someone is on first he's going to steal 2nd if he can run faster than your grandma. This
year you waste 4.5 mil on Uribe. We need a leadoff hitter and I
see the Cubs are talking to the O's about sox killer B. Roberts
while its reported we're talking about washed up Luis Gonzalez.
Look at your spring training partner D-backs to see how to trade.
It won't be long till they'll have young stars like C. Young,
A. Cunningham and now C. Carter playing while we are wondering
why there is no position players in the Sox minors. Nice job Kenny

Unbelievable! I can understand being outbid by the Angels for Hunter and I know we just don't have enough young talent to have beaten Detroit to get Cabrera. However, if the rumours are true about bringing back Rowand then I have lost faith in Kenny. What about Andruw Jones? The Dodgers are going to offer him a 2 year deal. Don't give Rowand any more than that. If Kenny does he is making a huge mistake! Rowand won't give you more than about.278 and 22 HR's a year. An improvement over Anderson, yes but not enough to even contend with the Royals. If you want to compete today you need to spend money. When I say money I mean we need to get into the $125 to $140 range. If we are ok with 4th place, keep it up.

Every single comment sounds like someone who has been reading to much Jay.You all should be ashamed of yourselves.The cub fans one and all would trade things i can't even mention in this family paper,for the chance to feel the way we got the chance to feel in 05.So please stop what you are doing,Jay put The White Sox in a bad position,and now the fans are buying in.I am a White Sox fan until the day they throw dirt over me.What about you?

Come back to earth Raymond. Us Sox fans can actually think for ourselves and don't need a blow-hard like Mariotti to point out the obvious. I AM A SOX FAN, who actually cares an is hurt when they make dumb moves: trading Garland for one year of a 33yo SS(DUMB), Signing a soon to be washed up Linebrink for crazy money(DUMB), Not trying to rebuild last year(DUMB), Resiging Uribe(DUMB), Not investing in the draft and internationals(DUMB), even thinking about resiging Rowand(DUMB), Not thinking about trading off some veterans(DUMB), Trying to turn this into a media creation, that it's all somehow their fault(DUMB), To keep arrogantly saying we are actually going to contend next year(DUMB). It's endless, and if you we're a REAL Sox fan Raymond you would be mad too.

Raymond, I'm a Sox fan, too, but I don't blindly trust Kenny and Jerry's miserly, small-town approach to team building. That's what they want from us, to believe in them when they aren't willing to commit the way the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, Phillies and Mets are. How is it that the Red Sox can afford to identify good players (whether through free agency, trade or drafting) and PAY them. Doesn't Chicago have more resources? I feel the fan-critics will cheer the Sox during the season, but management deserves a loud and long boooooooooooooooooooooo for its on-the-cheap offseason moves, or non-moves. Do you really think acquiring Orlando Cabrera and re-upping whiff-king Juan Uribe was genius? KW says it's part of his grand plan. What do you think he was going to say? He's got to save face. Who's banging down the door for Uribe? And what about losing John Garland? Why? Because we're so overloaded with quality pitching? My head hurts.

Top of the rotation in the eastern League maybe! When are we going to see the end of Kenny? It has been 7 yrs of KW and only one playoff and well it was wonderful, it clearly was an abberation! Luis F'n Gonzales he's 40 years old!!!!!!!! Not quite as old as Contreras, clearly not someone who'll make an impact. It is quite interesting how every spring KW makes bold pronouncements about aquiring big name players(AROD, Randy Johnson, Hunter etc...) and each time we lowball and then KW seems to say we like our team and that's that! Why do we want the waning years of Jaun Pierre? Clearly there was no plan at all!!!

Kenny Williams is a two bit player with a million $ mouth in multimillion $ game.

"When will we see the end of Kenny?". How many teams win the world series each and every year, That's right none. Get a grip
people the man gave you a world series win in about close to what 100yrs. and the minute things don't go the way should you're ready to fire somebody. Obviously Kenny wants to make deals and put the best team out there. But like he said sometimes deals can't get made. Why don't you folk just have some faith in the man and let him do what he thinks is best

Luis Gonzalez? Really now. Are the Sox starting a softball team? Remember when Gonzalez was good, like 5-6 years ago? But now he's 40yo. I repeat, 40. Is this how we compete? What is going on with this team? Oh, wait a second, it's about time to raise ticket prices again.




I will try to make this short. Ken Williams should not be saying to Sox fans we have a lot of work to do we do not beleive in re building when in my opinion he had no choice.he has a lot of veterans that were injured and it it would be hard for him to make a trade. he depleted the farm system. he lied to Sox fans and in my opinion they will finish down near the bottom again. the division they are in is too tough. he says Detroit and Clevland will compete with them dont treat us Sox fans like we are stupid he made a lot of dum moves pitching in my opinion will be inconsistant again in 2008. williams should go as general manager and in my opinion they are cutting down on the payroll just say it williams that is what you are doing and once again we will be dissapointed.

SOX fans are a bunch of ungrateful crybabies!

keep-crede,fields,and trade konerko!

Wow Kenny - sounds like you've had 29 other teams begging for your young "aces". If that's the case why haven't you waved your magic wand and made a blockbluster deal? Sounds to me like you can't pull the trigger or don't have the skills to work it out.
I'm sure its not for lack of intelligence - listening to you is like listening to President Bush,the difference is you think you have weapons of mass destruction. Check out you record in 07 and get back to me.

Tho I am a Mets fan I also love the Sox's but can't understand
why Kenny Williams is getting rid of his young prospects and
replacing them with senior citizens who are in need of a wheel-
chair to get around. As I said I'm a Met fan from inception and
I feel the same way about them.

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