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Lewis Lazare: And so it goes, folks. The Super Bowl of Advertsing draws to close with a sexy bow from Victoria's Secret and another juvenile prank from Amp the energy drink. We've seen a lot of work the past three hours or so. Will any of it stand the test of time? Maybe a couple of spots have a stab at that. Most definitely, the vast majority of work we've just seen will not. Call it kinder and gentler advertising if you want. We think most of the ads were, at best, just ok.

Read more about what we thought about this year's Super Bowl of Advertising in tomorrow's Sun-Times.

See you back here next year for another go-round.

Bud Light's Endorsement

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Watch "Jackie Moon" endorse Bud Light.

Coke's Jinx

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Click here to watch Coke's commercial, Jinx.

To watch Bud Light's Ability to Fly commercial, click here.

Lewis Lazare: Don't ya just love the Coke side of life. This uplifting bit of commercial magic involving two Macy's parade balloons is the kind of advertising we need a whole lot more of in this country. Kudos to Coke for making us remember what made this Cola the world's most famous brand. And don't underestimate the power of the music that accompanies the battle of the balloons. The music definitely helps make the spot work so well.

Click here to watch the advertisement again.

Lewis Lazare: Let's toast the fine art of storytelling in commercials. Shall we? If nothing else, this nifty NFL spot that just ran tells us the story of how Chester Pitts got to the Super Bowl. Well, how he kinda sorta got to the Super Bowl in an ad. We are big fans of storytelling in advertising. A tip of the hat to the NFL for doing it the way we like it.

To view the commercial, click here.

Shame on you E-trade

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Lewis Lazare: Did we mention dregs? You're watching 'em folks. Talking babies that vomit right before our eyes during the Super Bowl of Advertising. E-trade, shame on you. We deserve better.

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