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Lewis Lazare: And so it goes, folks. The Super Bowl of Advertsing draws to close with a sexy bow from Victoria's Secret and another juvenile prank from Amp the energy drink. We've seen a lot of work the past three hours or so. Will any of it stand the test of time? Maybe a couple of spots have a stab at that. Most definitely, the vast majority of work we've just seen will not. Call it kinder and gentler advertising if you want. We think most of the ads were, at best, just ok.

Read more about what we thought about this year's Super Bowl of Advertising in tomorrow's Sun-Times.

See you back here next year for another go-round.

Bud Light's Endorsement

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Watch "Jackie Moon" endorse Bud Light.

Coke's Jinx

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Click here to watch Coke's commercial, Jinx.

To watch Bud Light's Ability to Fly commercial, click here.

Lewis Lazare: Don't ya just love the Coke side of life. This uplifting bit of commercial magic involving two Macy's parade balloons is the kind of advertising we need a whole lot more of in this country. Kudos to Coke for making us remember what made this Cola the world's most famous brand. And don't underestimate the power of the music that accompanies the battle of the balloons. The music definitely helps make the spot work so well.

Click here to watch the advertisement again.

Lewis Lazare: Let's toast the fine art of storytelling in commercials. Shall we? If nothing else, this nifty NFL spot that just ran tells us the story of how Chester Pitts got to the Super Bowl. Well, how he kinda sorta got to the Super Bowl in an ad. We are big fans of storytelling in advertising. A tip of the hat to the NFL for doing it the way we like it.

To view the commercial, click here.

Shame on you E-trade

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Lewis Lazare: Did we mention dregs? You're watching 'em folks. Talking babies that vomit right before our eyes during the Super Bowl of Advertising. E-trade, shame on you. We deserve better.

Bud Light's Wheel ad

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To watch Bud Light's Wheel ad, click here.

Lewis Lazare: So third quarter is now underway. And watch the quality of the ads start to, ah, diminish a bit. Not the dregs just yet. But from what we've seen so far, sure tending toward that.
Richard Simmons — a real nightmare for Bridgestone.
And all that horse racing to promote Vitaminwater? I don't think so. What's with the kid picking his nose mid-race. Is that someone's idea of visual humor? Yuck. Then punching Shaq in the genitals. This almost makes the worst of Anheuser-Busch's raunchy tactics in years past look tame. And that's saying a lot.

Click here to watch the Pepsi commericial featuring Justin Timberlake.

Lewis Lazare: There dear friends just went two of the biggest blunders in this year's Super Bowl of Advertising. We suspect a lot of people had no clue what the Greek mythology reference in the GMC Yukon spot was. The spot was simply dull — dull music, dull visuals, dull voiceover.
And as for the Sobe Life Water commercial, why would anyone like Sobe use lizards so prominently when Geico has a lock on that ad imagery. What were they thinking?

Lewis Lazare: Did anybody but us think that lizard spot might have been for Geico and not Sobe life water? Big mistake to use lizards so prominently in a spot, when Geico has the lizard imagery cornered thanks to a hugely popular campaign. Oh well, it's only the Super Bowl of Advertising.

Lewis Lazare: Napoleon for Garmin. The GPS maker had a lousy Super Bowl effort last year. This is marginally better. Though it's a stretch to put Napoleon in a car with a GPS mechanism. Too much of a stretch to be very funny.

Click here to see Budweiser's Clydesdales commerical again.

Lewis Lazare: Wow. The first major bomb of the Super Bowl of Advertising. Tide got a lot of pre-game publicity because it's the first time the iconic detergent has run an ad in the big game. But this was one lousy, very unfunny spot. Just goes to show. BEWARE the publicity when the spot is kept under wraps.

Lewis Lazare: Doritos and Bridgestone just spent a lot of money on Super Bowl ads, and from where we sat, it looked like a lot of wasted money. What about the Doritos spot would make anyone buy those chips or make the brand name stick in the mind? And as for Bridgestone? Boring. Couldn't they have done something more engaging with the animals.
Also we've already gotten a lot of move trailers. And there are plenty more to come. More than in any recent Super Bowl.
The G2 spot with Derek Jeter puzzled us. it's supposed to be a drink for athletes to consume off the field. So why was the cityscape turning into a baseball field. Huh?? Seemed to be suggesting quite the opposite.

Diet Pepsi Max's Nod ad

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Click here to view Diet Pepsi Max's Nod ad.

To view Bud Light's Breath Fire ad again, click here.

Lewis Lazare: The Under Armour "Future Is Ours" felt big to us. But it didn't give us goosebumps, though it seemed to be trying to do just that. It wanted too much to overwhelm us with a lot of stuff. Nice try but no cigar.

To see the ad again, click here.

Lewis Lazare: Bud Light's "Wine and Cheese" entry just ran. Does it feel a little too much like something we've seen before? Too generic an effort for this kind of Super Bowl platform. But it gets the Bud Light name out there, and that's priority No. 1 for Anheuser-Busch.

To view the ad again, click here.

The Audi ad

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Lewis Lazare: Score one for some creativitiy in the Super Bowl of Advertising with this Audi ad. Hated the long build-up to the big surprise in bed with the guy, but you gotta admit it was a nifty way of promoting something different about the Audi brand.

Lewis Lazare: Hey there guys and gals. Are you ready for the Super Bowl of Advertising??? Stick with us as we blog our way through advertising's big day. But first, a couple of thoughts before the cavalcade of commercials commences. Ad pundits have called this year's Super Bowl of Advertising a gentler and kinder collection of commercials than those that have aired in years past.

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