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The best non-porn photos online?

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If there's a better photo blog on the iInterwebs than's Big Picture collection, I've yet to see it. Not only do they find a great selection of excellent photography - always colorful, compelling and on point - they also run it in a completely non-Web way that pops it out. No thumbnails or reverse backgrounds or nonsense. Just awesome pictures, run large, on white.

But this gallery from Earth Hour is particularly spectacular. Seventeen great shots from around the world that are set up to allow yo to see them fade to black when you click on the photo. Stunning.


Blogger Ann Althouse recently got engaged. Congrats, sister, we're all happy for you!

What's that you say, happens all the time? Umm, not quite like this. See, she's getting hitched to a long-time commenter on her blog. And from the sound of this video interview, one she's barely talked to outside her comment field, much less in the "real world."

Oh, and nobody gets to see the next hubby - much less know his name. So speculation that this is all fake is rampant. Either way, she gets more publicity - call it our wedding present.

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