Cute bunnies get deadly in 'Apocalypse Meow'

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BY CRAIG NEWMAN Sun-Times editor

I know just enough about Japanese culture to know I don't know much about Japanese culture. And every now and then something like trailer for the new animated film "Apocalypse Meow" -- that's the U.S. release name, the Japanese release is available on the trailer in a slightly less-friendly-for-work way -- comes along to reinforce that fact.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing this thing. A crack commando unit of cute and fuzzy bunnies seeking out an apparent group of what seems to be terrorist camels -- nice racial overtones -- with sniper rifles, explosives and extreme violence? OK, you got me. I mean, will it be in IMAX?

No, the only thing that bugs me is the cat angle. Where exactly are cats involved? The Chuck Norissesque bunny hit squad is cool. The dialogue -- all Japanese, no subtitles -- is awesome. But where do cats come into the picture? It is just a trailer, I suppose. And you know how they cut those things so you never really know what the movie is about. But come on!<

Anyway, this is promised winter of 2010 -- in Japan, anyway. Get locked and loaded, people! And bunnies!

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