'Wicked': Was it a good show, or a bad show?

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Erin Mackey as Glinda the Good Witch in Chicago's resident production of "Wicked." (File)

"Wicked" has been a fixture in Chicago theater for three years. Residents and tourists alike have flocked to the theater — often repeatedly — to see this show, telling the backstory of the witches of Oz. When it closes here in January, it'll truly be a bubble bursting.

How many times did you go? What did the show mean to you? Comment below ...

And, what do you think should replace it for a long run? "Dirty Dancing"? "Mary Poppins"?

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I love wicked. to death. I've seen it 12 times (since january) and plan to go as many times as financially possible before jan. 25th! The story is great, the music is incredible, the acting and voices are phenomenal. This show is definitely one to go see, and will be greatly missed by it's plethora of fans!

WICKED has been breaking box office records for a long time...and it certainly deserves too. WICKED is an amazing show filled with not only spectacular effects, other worldly costumes and mind boggling sets, but also one of the most beautiful and powerful scores Musical theater has had in a long time. The show is no way shape or form a perfect musical, but again, no musical is. But after seeing MANY broadway shows...both recent and old, this is by far on of the best. It tells a fantastic story a friendship, diversity, Government abuse, and also, how to be true to yourself. This show is definatly a must see.

Wicked is the best show I've ever seen!!!! My daughters & I will be seeing it again for the 5th time on August 17. I LOVE IT!!!

Wicked is so amazing! I've seen it 18 times, and hope to see it again in the coming weeks. Wicked really knows how to wow audiences over and over again....no one can get enough! Erin Mackey was an amazing Glinda, and a real asset to have here in Chicago!

Wicked is an incredible and moving show. The new cast, which includes Lisa Brescia and Annaleigh Ashford, comes directly from Broadway. I saw these two lovely leading ladies in October in New York and they were absolutely amazing in their respective roles. Chicago is extremely lucky to have them!!

We did not love it. The cast was amazing and the singing incredible. But the story was convoluted and the songs, for the most part, were overwrought and not terribly memorable. Sorry, but I'd shoot myself before I sat through it 12 times!

I love wicked and Glinda is so good who ever played her on 9th january she was exellent and i wish i could meet her please reply to the email address and i coming to see it again for my birthday on 30th march but i am seeing it on 5th april so if you could please let her perform for me and my nan is goning to try and get behind stage tickets to see her because she is my idol xxxxxx Please reply love you Gilinda xxxx

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