Songwriters out in force for Obama

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If the presidential race were won by the number of voters who step up to a microphone to sing about their candidate, Obama would have it in a landslide. And as the Democratic primaries drone on, more and more celebrities and nobodies are singing, playing and rapping in support of his campaign.

Here's a look at some of the most popular (Obama Girl) and preposterous (Hillary boy?!) videos currently making the rounds online:

"Yes We Can"
The celebrity-packed — from John Legend to Scarlett Johansson — debut from Black Eyed Peas leader, taking an Obama speech and turning it into a light, R&B song.

"We Are the Ones"'s follow-up video, with more stars.

"Something About the Man"
Here's a fluid R&B song about Obama's mysterious, Pied Piper qualities.

"Viva Obama"
No support with Latino voters? The pollsters clearly haven't heard this reggaeton song.

"The Obama Song"
Even the Jamaican toasters are coming out with cool-looking videos like this one.

"Obama Boy"
To the tune of 'Danny Boy," uploaded before St. Patrick's Day. For those moments when you're feeling particularly sad about the presidential race.

"Pets for Obama"
Yes, even the four-legged disenfranchised are singing out (well, someone on their behalf anyway) for Obama.

"I Got a Crush ... on Obama"
The video that inspired so many others. Obama Girl sings of her love for the senator — both personal and political.

"I Got a Crush ... on Hillary"
And then there's this response, by a teenage boy who, well, let's just say he has some unresolved mother issues.

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