Have you seen Beatle Bob?

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He doesn’t sing or play an instrument. Instead, the gangly, 55-year-old overgrown adolescent known as Beatle Bob just may be the world’s only full-time concertgoer. The nickname is a nod to the bowl haircut he’s worn since the Fab Four first rocked his world during junior high four decades ago.

You've probably seen him at a show somewhere in Chicago, or one of the big festivals — dancing at the lip of the stage, like a man possessed.

And while the full-time fan has his admirers, plenty of other music lovers are fed up with what they consider churlish behavior.

Have you seen him? Where? Was he a funny oddity that lifted your spirits, or did he drive you crazy and you shouted him down?

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Yes, I've seen Beatle Bob various times in Chicago and at SXSW. If you see Bob at a show, you know it will be a good one. I sometimes say hi and have a short pleasant chat. Most memorable was seeing Bob on the side of the stage at a daytime SXSW show at Victory Grill featuring Roky Erickson. I don't think there was a happier person on the planet at that moment than Beatle Bob.

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