DeRogatis makes 'Late Night' debut

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Our very own music critic Jim DeRogatis made an appearance on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Monday.

Although the topic du jour was Sunday night’s Grammys, DeRogatis managed to get a little dig in at the non-musician world of drummer Max Weinberg.

Check out Weinberg's icy reaction and watch the rest of the show here.

Those who can't, review

Although he admitted to being a drummer, DeRogatis said he would not consider himself a musician. You can judge for yourself by listening to his band Vortis on their web site.

O'Brien, who did a week-long stint in Chicago in May, 2006, closed the interview with a shout-out to the Chicago Public Radio show that DeRogatis shares with Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot, "Sound Opinions."

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