Are you ready for the Super Bowl of Advertising?

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Lewis Lazare: Hey there guys and gals. Are you ready for the Super Bowl of Advertising??? Stick with us as we blog our way through advertising's big day. But first, a couple of thoughts before the cavalcade of commercials commences. Ad pundits have called this year's Super Bowl of Advertising a gentler and kinder collection of commercials than those that have aired in years past.

Well, we think that's just a nice way of saying you won't find any super big idea spots among 50 or so that will air during the football game. We've previewed enough of the spots to be able to say confidently that viewers will get a big dose of bold-faced name stars and some good laughs in the work.Though the productions values in some of the spots are quite elaborate, overall most of the spots you're about to see aren't that much bigger than what would air on any major prime time special event program throughout the year.
Still, this is the Super Bowl of Advertising. So sit back, pop open your preferred liquid refreshment, and grab a bowl of your favorite snack and get ready to watch the ads along with us. Above all, have fun!

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