Where in the world is Britney Spears?

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People Spears Custody
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Nearly a week after being released from the hospital, Britney told her inner circle she was headed to New York City, then maybe to Italy. But she really went to Mexico, and plans to fly to South America — so says Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker this morning. Or maybe that's a smoke-screen, too.

So we're relying on you, Chicago (and the world!). Have you seen Britney Spears today? At your Starbucks? On a Chicago River cruise? Shopping on the Magnificent Mile?

Comment below and let us know!

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According to some Mexican newspapers, Britney Spears arrived yesterday January 10 in Rosarito, Baja California, and stayed overnight at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. She arrived around 4 pm in the company of Adnan Ghalib. She was wearing a pink wig, jeans and black boots. She was seen shopping at one of the souvenir stores near the hotel where she reportedly bought some items (story and photos can be found here http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Entretenimiento/10012008/282011.aspx).

who cares? she is rich.

I admit, at first the Britney fiascos created shock and awe and I couldn't wait to watch the next installment. But as the drama continues to unfold, I see this is a serious situation, she is a celebrity, who may have done unethical things in her life, but she is human, and she is having problems. To report on it is one thing, but to make mockery of it with this blog is another. The Sun-Times is a classy publication right? Just report on this. Leave the where in the world is britney stuff to eonline.


This is sick and in REALLY bad taste. Sure, she is a celebrity, but she is obviously psychologically unwell and playing games as part of the already-macabre coverage of her travails is really out of line, especially for an actual newspaper and not, as another commenter pointed out, E Online.

You are asking people to stalk her. Shame on you.

i saw Britney in Cardiff, Wales,she was on Albany Road shopping in Superdrug,i got witnesses!! I hope she visits my house,i live round the corner! Id welcome her in with open arms, i know wot shes going thru,i got a friend like Paris hilton n shes a ****! I think Britneys mum should let her make her own mistake, i think britney is amazing!! Ms Spears your welcome here any time, my 4 n a half month old baby loves er music 2!!

I think I just saw her loitering at a local Walgreens!

Why can't people just leave her alone. Just because she is famous, you have to hound her. That is totally wrong, she is just like everyone else that has made mistakes in their lives. She needs to have some peace and quiet. She has been through a lot for at just a young age.

I am just so sad over this whole situation. Why can't the world see that this is a young woman who is devastated by the loss of her husband and subsequently her children? This is the story of a little girl lost, she doesn't have the adult coping skills that we develop in our adolecent years because she has been so sheltered from 'real' life. Having to face this with no skills to cope with the heart ache is horrible for her.

I wish that all the people that have spent 10 seconds to hours and days talking about Britney would take that time to show her some love. She clearly needs help... she needs her children and her family to surround her in a loving way. She is acting out because that is all she knows.

This is in bad taste.

Britney should ditch the dude she ran off with and go home to Kentwood. Only her family can help her now, regardless of what they have been through. She can do what it takes to get those boys back. When you are a mom, you don't just party all the time. You sit home and play with your kids and teach them to finger paint and read to them. You don't hang out at clubs....you get your PRIORITIES in line, even when you do not have your kids for the weekend. She still has time to fix all of this, if she truly wants to. I love her music and she is a pretty girl, but don't flash your stuff to the cameras, especially after having babies. Gross. How ya gonna explain that one to your kids someday?

Everybody around her advised wrongly to divorce her husband. Britney lost her balance, she hasn't found support in her family, her girlfriends and she hasn't found yet the real boyfriend who could show her real love.
Everything could again be normal for Britney if she
- has her children with her
- love and support of her parents
- a guy who loves Britney sincerely from the bottom of his heart

I saw here staggering out of Bernie's on Clark and then sliding along the left field wall under the bleacher overhang and then into Murphy's and then to the bar in back. She was playing pool....badly!

Who gives a flying rat's ass?(Although I have never seen such a thing.) She's a gross pig and I'm ashamed that the media consistently rubs this slop in our faces. It was the same thing with Paris Hilton. Enough you retards!


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