Savory Ostrich Sausage with Blood Orange Mustard and Parrano Cheese

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Yeah, I went to Hot Doug's, 3224 N. California. If there was ever a restaurant made for this challenge, to eat one thing I've never tried before each day in January, it's Doug Sohn's Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium.

Today my husband and I shared the game special: "Savory Ostrich Sausage with Blood Orange Mustard and Parrano Cheese." The sausage was mild, something like a mix of chicken and lamb, topped with shavings of the nutty parrano cheese (typically made in Holland), and a drizzle of blood orange mustard -- all of it presented on a bun.
For $7 that might seem like one spendy sausage. But to me it's a chance to be adventurous on a budget. Some Loop and Lincoln Park hotspots might charge 10 times that for an ostrich entree. And Hot Doug's, with its order-at-the-counter system and punk rock soundtrack, defines unpretentious. Because sometimes, you just need a place that won't judge you just because you've left the house without a shower or a comb through the hair.
Now about the ostrich: liked it, but that "Über Garlic Pork Sausage with Chili-Garlic Dijonnaise and Goat Cheese," also at $7, was amazing. And new to me.

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Ok, Lisa, you have inspired me. I'm weighing in at Weight Watchers today and then heading to Devon Avenue to fulfill my New Year's resolution: to learn to cook Indian foods. I have a shopping list of spices and dals and will certainly end my expedition and lunch with where you began: gulab jamun. Thanks for being such a great food role model! And I will try very hard not to drive by Hot Doug's and get sidetracked.

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