Red Beer Part of City's Green History

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Goose Island is so named for the geese that once made their home on this block of land surrounded by the Chicago River, but when Irish immigrants moved in more than 100 years ago it was named Kilgubbin. Tonight, I went to Goose Island Brew Pub, 1800 N. Clyborn, and sampled some of the brewery's red ale known as Kilgubbin, so named for the community in Ireland where residents once lived.

Hitting the market about a year ago, this was my first try of mildly spiced, very smooth beer. And it won't be my last
The red color is a result of the roast barley and chocolate malts,according to the brewery's website And the spice? That's the malted rye finish. Draft and bottles of Kilgubbin are available January through April.

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I really love your new blog. It's been entertaining and fun - although I wish I was in Chicago to have all the fun stuff you are having.

Yay for the shout-out to Goose Island, and especially to Kilgubbin! It's my favorite seasonal.

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