Udderly delicious?

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Just opened a quart of Meyenberg lowfat goat milk. Yeah, it's 9 p.m. on a Monday night. But sometimes cereal can be dinner. So I poured the milk, easy to digest and a friend to the lactose intolerant, some over my Kashi crunchy bits and had a try. Hate to say it, but I found a bit hard to swallow.

While the same color and consistency of cow's milk, It was pretty rich, and this was the 1 percent milkfat. And the aftertaste was so pungent that it invaded my sinuses. In fact that aftertaste conjures of the milk's sibling, goat cheese. My sense is that this would be great in a savory quiche. So now I'm going to troll http://www.meyenberg.com/?action=recipes and my own cookbooks to see how I might best use the rest of this quart of milk.

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Day One - Gulab Juman. Day 8 - lowfat goat milk. Maybe this is going to be harder on you that I thought. Are you working from a list or simply daily inspiration?


No set list here. I'm trying to be spontaneous but admit that the goat milk was a weekend grocery store purchase. Good thing I did because an 8-hour workday became an 11 hour workday. So I opened up the carton Monday night and tried it out.

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