Leave the Mint Alone

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Mint and booze have long enjoyed a strong bond. I don't get it. But it's true. Witness the Mint Julep with its mint, bourbon, sugar and water mix. To me a mere sip has me wondering how any right-minded person with a gag reflex could ever get liquored up on this stuff. But they do -- the first Saturday each May in Louisville, Ky. And I love the Kentucky Derby, don't get me rung.
Head a ways south, to Cuba, and there is the mojito -- a rum based cocktail with mint that also leaves me non-plussed. So today, when I opened up a box of Charles Chocolates from San Francisco chocolatier Charles Segal, I looked close at the package and there it was. The final straw. A mojito chocolate. Heart shaped and all, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Let me just say that the chocolate was terrific, not too sweet and very buttery. But then I got to what appears to be a ganache-mojito center. Maybe it's my tastebuds, but from what I can tell the mint has a bitter taste, maybe from the rum. And the rum is overpowered by the sugar and mint.
All my tastebuds are telling me is leave the mint alone.
My mother used to make these bourbon balls -- some kind of booze and chocolate concoction rolled in fine sugar -- at Christmas. Amazing. (And for some reason, cool when you're a teenager.) No mint. And I can't believe that a nice Jamaican rum paired with a decent ganache, coated in a bittersweet chocolate wouldn't make a nice offering. Again no mint needed.
Luckily this edible package yes, the box is edible chocolate, of Charles Chocolates also has some tasty passion fruit and raspberry chocolates with it. And the company's website if entertaining, if you get a kick out of such things as the "P.M.S. Assortment" -- a 12-month prescription is $300. For more information go to charleschocolates.com.

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Lisa, I've enjoyed your food search this January. Is this the end or your food trials or will you continue?

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