I Wanted To Love This Soup Because the Packaging Is Earth Friendly

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The great part of Annie Chun's Miso Noodle Soup is the biodegradable bowl and its ready-in-two-minutes dinner option. But microwave this baby and what you have are some amazing noodles swimming in utterly flavorless broth.

It's spiked with shiitake mushroom extract and onion saltas well as dried spinach and green onions.
I will admit that perhaps the miso noodle soup here, like the good old fashioned ramen noodles, should maybe be the start of a great meal. The package even suggests adding anything from broccoli to shrimp or chicken.
I'm not sure what it needs, but at $3.95 (at a local health-food store) for a 5.4-ounce bowl, it should be able to stand alone in all it's wonderful umami glory. Not so here. For just a few more dollars, I can head to any neighborhood sushi joint and get a warm, tasty bowl of it. For now, I'm proud to say that I or someone in our household can put the bowl on our frozen compost pile.

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