Eating pomegranate is tough work

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OK, so I didn't know that I picked the wrong season to try pomegranate, those large, red-apple looking fruit that are a lot of damn work to eat.

Apparently October and November is peak season for this Mediterranean fruit, according to the Food Lover's Companion -- a culinary dictionary. Still, the pulp-covered seeds taste wonderful, even if they are damn messy to eat and, I believe, just left a cranberry-looking stain on my white turtleneck. Anyway, this one is light and a little sweet, with a close-to-ripe Bing cherry flavor. But let's get to the real matter: How does one properly eat a pomegranate?
As far as I can tell, you slice it in half and squeeze out the seeds and eat them, or you can use a few kitchen tricks as in this YouTube video (it's worth it just to listen to the techno music):

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I am half-Greek and my dad is obsessed with pomegranates. He just likes to do the dirty work, cut it in half and get the little seeds out section by section. However, my genius sister likes to cut the pomegrante in half, stick it in a large bowl of water and take the seeds out by hand under water. You won't get your hands (or your fingernails) dirty and there won't be a pomegranate mess! It's actually a good way to do it. After you're done getting the seeds out in the water, you just have to use a strainer to get the seeds out and you're good.

Your note spurred me to take a closer look at how to prepare pomegranates so that they're easier to handle. Turns out the California-based Pomegranate council,, agrees with your sister about handling our friend the pommie.

Thanks for the assist here. And thanks for reading and taking the time to write.

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