A Deflating Experience: The Souffle Doesn't Look Like the One in the Magazine

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My bookcase of cookbooks is about one-quarter magazines, filled with recipes that I've either used or hoped to use. The October 2007 Food & Wine falls in to the latter category. Recipes for four different cheese souffles are featured. Much like working with yeast for a pizza dough or bread dough, I fear the chemistry project that is a souffle. Especially when a recipe for this light, meant-to-be fluffy dish is accompanied by a color photo of a gorgeously browned souffle magically sprouting from a simple white ramekin. It's all so very Ina Garten, really.

While the mushroom and chevre souffle recipe at www.foodandwine.com/recipes/gruyere-souffles was simple enough to follow, the result was a chewy, browned-on-the-top nicely dish that was vertically challenged. Ideally, the careful mix of egg yolks and egg whites reaches pillowy brown heights in a 400-degree oven for 20 minutes. mix. When you pull it out of the oven, it falls as the heat escapes. The thing is, my dish never really soared. It just kind of baked. I'm wondering if any cooks or chefs out there have any tips on making this dish reach its peak. It should be noted that the issues with the souffle's (actually this recipe makes 8 one-cup souffles) appearance didn't mean it wasn't wonderful. The tangy mix of the goat cheese and earthy mushrooms made for a light, sort-of-pretty meal.

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