Celebrity meat

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For more than a year now, I've been driving by the Juicy Wine Co., 694 N. Milwaukee Ave., an island of coolness with its floor-to-ceiling front windows and spare decor. Tonight, I pulled over to see what it was all about. And what it was about was three of the most downed-to-earth, hipter-looking guys willing to take the time to answer questions about wine, cheese and, well, the tastiest salami I've ever had.

Ben Hamrah, a first-year culinary student at Kendall College served as the resident cheese expert and was happy to put together a "surprise me" salami and cheese plate, which provided plenty of first-time eating experiences. The Standout? The thinly sliced mole salami whose spices include chocolate, cinnamon as wells as ancho and chipotle pepper. While there's some heat there, there's a nice cinnamon-spice finish. Turns out these thinly sliced rounds, to be enjoyed slowly with a Clos des Filles Les Sorciers du Roussillon, a mild red, are imported from Seattle-based Salumi Artisan Cured Meats, run by Armandino Batali -- father of none other than famous chef Mario Batali.

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mmmm - it's 8 am and you have my mouth watering for - words I thought I'd never say - salami. Lisa, what kind of a budget do you have and do you have geographical restrictions? Just curious...

These are tough economic times, so I'm trying to be prudent with the budget and kind of trying to spend under $20 each day and probably sticking closer to the $10 mark. Geographically speaking, I try to stick around Chicago but my bosses like us to expand our wings when we can.
Thanks for reading and taking the time to write.
Lisa D

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