Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

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A note from a reader having problems with a brownie recipe got me to thinking about a newfound favorite brownie recipe -- the one on the back of the Baker's Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Squares. And it is the thing that led me back to the kitchen today, after days of searching the city for new food and drink for my ongoing project: to eat or drink or try one new gadget each day in January.

So, courtesy of another great colleague, I'm test-driving the maze-looking Baker's Edge Brownie Pan. Seeing is believing, so check out
My better half even asked "Where'd the funky pan come from?" Indeed it is cool, because this heavy-gauge cast aluminum pan has interior walls, geared for recipes calling for a 13-by-9 inch pan, allows each piece to have at least two chewy edges. It's hard to argue with. My recipe calls for 30 to 35 minutes baking time was perfectly done at 30 minutes. Order them online through the company and you'll have a bit of a wait because sales have been "through the roof" the web site says. Locally, the pans are sold at Dominic's Kitchen Store, 8 South Northeast Highway in Park Ridge, but again call ahead. 847-698-1255. Suggested retail price is $34. Next I'm going to try my other favorite brownies, "No Pudge."
In the meantime, the recipe for Baker's One Bowl Brownies are at:

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