Rate Oprah's Favorite Things

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Tell us what you think of her picks.

Like? Dislike? It's hard to pass up a free gift, but tell us what you think of some of her picks and whether you'd take 'em home or not ...

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Is it possible for a day to go by when the Sun-Times does not run a story or blurb about Oprah? How cares?? Why don't you cover real news instead of re-printing press releases?

This is the most disgusting display of avarice and greed on national television. How in the world can Oprah justify giving privileged suburban soccer moms more things they don't really need.

Oprah wants to do something nice, why doesn't she do this show from New Orleans next year? Why doesn't she help the victims of the cyclone in Bangladesh? And if I'm not mistaken, the United States hasn't solved the homeless problem here? There's still millions of them who I'm sure one of their "favorite" things is eating, being safe and having a warm bed.

And the women who scream and cry and wail like banshees ought to be ashamed of themselves. Did they earn anything they've gotten? Absolutely disgusting.


By the way, can you let us know what her queenship had for breakfast -- just as newsworthy. The next time DOprah utters something newsworthy, it will be the first in quite some time.

Come on... Oprah knows what Target is?

I always enjoy watching this "special event". Seeing the faces of the audiance some in heartfelt tears and others laughing hysterically. Who could ever resist those tempting cupcakes, and the soothing soaps before you slip into that gorgeous green outfit with the beautiful neckline. Affordable to some and others not but you can always dream and thank Oprah for an hour of fantasy.

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