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Find a hot holiday bargain?

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Whether you've seen it on the 'net or in the store, we want to know where you found an unbeatable shopping bargain.

We want to hear about your "Black Friday" shopping experience. What's that must-have item you couldn't find today? Discover a hot item for a cheap price? Didn't even bother tackling the holiday crowds today? Tell us about it ...

Oprah says goodbye to her Macon fans...

Rating the show: (2 out of 4 stars) Not the most exciting "Favorite Things" give-away show she's done, but fans and viewers alike are glad it's back. Oprah's like for Ugg boots wasn't anything new, but the show was filled with tons of items people like you (and me) can buy for the holidays.

Favorite picks: Planet Earth DVD series set ($59.95) and the United Artists DVD collection -- but who has $900 to drop on DVDs?

... in the form of Josh Groban, who performs "Silent Night" for the Macon audience members.

(She's a big fan of Groban -- who also performed for her at her 50th birthday bash a few years back)

Audience members get a copy of his holiday CD titled "Noel" ...

O's guide to life

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A compilation of over 150 articles from her popular "O" magazine ($29.95) ... you'll have to pick yours up from the bookstore, but Macon audience members get autographed copies.

Shaklee Get Clean starter kit ... she says it's good for the Earth and helps save the environment ($89)

Who doesn't love Target?

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A $250 gift card from Target for the perfect holiday shopping. (They helped sponsor the show, so we knew it was coming.)

Coming up: The superstar performer Oprah snuck in to perform for the Macon audience (rumor mills say it's Josh Groban)

Her great movie hookup ...

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United Artists' DVD collection of over 90 movie titles including "Rocky", "West Side Story" and "Midnight Cowboy." ($869) ...

Board spins on a Lazy Susan with built in drawers to keep everything organized ($79)

A light stretchy outfit from an L.A. designer Rachel Palley. Oprah sports the green twist v-neck top ($141) with sailor pants ($194) ...

A brand new LG fridge called "Life's Good" with a built in TV with DVD hookup and radio. You can also give a slide show of your favorite pictures, get the weather, built-in recipes and more. Cost: $3,700 ... and that's not all.

Audience members get their old fridge removed from LG to give to a family in need or to recycle it.

And there's more: Inside is Ciao Bella - blood orange sorbet - $4.99 a pint.

The only thing missing now is a TV in your bathroom ...

... an autographed copy of Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" ... retailing for under $25.

Coming up: Her most expensive give-away ever

Lafco New York Soaps

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.. come in 17 scents and are all natural and a set of three cost $42.

Given to her by one of her producers, the system works wonders on the skin ...

'Let the giving continue'

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Her next favorite thing is her idea: Kai body lotion

Plant Earth series DVD set

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Shot in over 60 countries, she gives her audience the $59.95 DVD set of the show.

Coming up: They just arrived via international special delivery ...

Sweet things

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Williams Sononma mixing bowls ($32) and measuring cups ($18) ...

Perfect Ending's Cupcakes

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Made by the cooking guru who made Oprah's 50th birthday cake, she says everyone should sample Sam Godfrey's cupcakes at least once, via Williams Sonoma.

Transforming the studio

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The Toy Watch

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Madonna and Al Gore faves -- everyone in the audience gets a $150 Toy Watch.

Up next: Oprah's stands on the roof of her Harpo studio (remember when she did a show on Discovery's "Planet Earth" show?) to introduce her next surprise.

Ugg classic boots

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She said there one of the most comfortable things she's worn -- worth $120.

Oprah: This has been something to pull off.

Let the madness begin

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Oprah bring her "Favorite Things" show to the birthplace of the Kazoo.

Tell us what you think of her picks.

We're less than a half hour away from Oprah's "Favorite Things" show -- If you ask anyone who's ever seen it in the past, they'll tell you, it's like watching the president give a State of the Union address.

Macon is it

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As reported by the AP and appearing in one of the Sun-Times sister papers, Oprah's taking her show to Macon, Ga. Why Macon?

Oprah, you've been spoofed

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There used to be more "Favorite Things" spoofs online (ever see the SNL one where one woman decides to give birth in the audience after "Oprah" announces her favorite thing? I think another woman tears someone's arm off -- and someone's head "explodes"). All in good fun, of course.

Sorry Chicagoans -- but Oprah's taking her "Favorite Things" show on the road this year.

You know what's on your list, but what's on hers?

Back after a one-year hiatus (last year Oprah teamed up with Bank of America for her "Pay it Forward" challenge -- giving audience members $1,000 and challenging them to come up with ways to help others) it's back, and she's saying it's better than ever (related video).

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