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Desiree Hartsock had her heart broken on Monday's episode of "The Bachelor" after the ladies' hometown dates.
It was a surprising exit for the 26-year-old bridal stylist from L.A., whose brother, Nate, gave Bachelor Sean a hard time during the hometown visit. At one point, Nate called Sean a playboy, which The Bachelor said ticked him off royally during the "Sean Tell All" special Tuesday.

"I don't think that my brother helped my chances in staying," she said on a conference call with reporters Thursday.

Were you mad at your brother for his behavior on the show?
"I don't justify anything that my brother said or the way he said it to Sean. But he was protecting me. He didn't feel that Sean was going to be the right guy for me. Looking back, I can't be mad at my brother. I can move on and know that Sean and I aren't meant to be together."

Was that normal behavior for your brother, or was he just trying to make an impact on TV? Or was he on drugs?
"My brother doesn't believe in reality TV. He wants to pursue ministry and he's a missionary. He definitely doesn't do drugs or anything like that. He is very intense with the way he thinks. It's completely far off from the way I think. I'm not very close with my brother. I see [him] maybe once a year. My brother's opinion would never influence my decision."

Did Sean make a mistake letting you go when he did?
"In the moment, I felt we had the best connection. However, looking back, he did have great relationships with the other girls. I don't think it was a mistake."

Would she be interested in being The Bachelorette?
"I would definitely have to think about it...and make sure I'm prepared to get back on that emotional roller coaster. I'd probably say yes to the opportunity."

"I think he ended up choosing the love of his life and that's not me."

Which of the women from the house are you still close to?
"I connected most and became greater friends with Jackie, Lindsay and Daniella." (She no longer keeps in touch with Sean.)

Is Sean a playboy, like your brother said?
Being on the show, the set up is to date more than 20 women at once. But as for Sean, "I think he's as far away from being a playboy as anyone can be."

Sean said there were other things lacking in your relationship. What was he referring to?
"Looking back and watching the show, maybe I did put up a guard. I was holding back a little bit more than maybe the other girls were. It takes me a little longer to say I love you because I want it to be right."

Are you still devastated about the break up with Sean?
"I'm such a positive person. I've moved on. I'm completely over it. I know that I'll eventually find my Prince Charming." (She hasn't been dating since the show ended, though.)


On "The Bachelor" Monday, drama queen Tierra was finally sent packing, much to the delight on the remaining women in the house and the nation as a whole.

Before Tierra said her tearful goodbye (and apparently got engaged to her ex, according to People magazine), she of the arched eyebrow and AshLee, a 32-year-old personal organizer from Houston, had it out.

AshLee Frazier spoke with television reporters Thursday about the Tierra smack down, Sean, hometown dates and other assorted topics. Here's an edited transcript of what the willowy adopted-child-and-former-high-school-bride had to say:

Body language expert says Jake and Vienna won't last

| 15 Comments | No TrackBacks is quoting a noted body language expert as saying that "The Bachelor" coosome twosome ---that's Jake and Vienna--- won't make it down the aisle.

Here's an excerpt:

"So does Vienna have Jake's best intentions at heart, or was she just in it to win it? Sanjay Burman, Body Language Expert and Author of Reading People: A Master Hypno-therapist's Guide to Understanding People, tells Hollyscoop exclusively that Jake is so infatuated with Vienna physically that he's unable to see through her mixed messages. Here's what Sanjay had to say:

....."Last night's "Bachelor Finale" was riddled with mixed messages and Jake is clearly not able to think beyond his physical infatuation for Vienna to see through these messages! There is peak physical attraction between the Vienna and Jake shown by the fact that they meet halfway when leaning in to kiss each other and both linger there comfortably while kissing, as opposed to how Tinley had to lean all the way in to Jake to kiss him.

....."Furthermore, Jake is embarrassed by the things Vienna says to the family shown by the way he looks down in her direction but not directly at her. But, again, Jake lets his physical attraction override all of these signs. When they embrace at the end it is clear that they are physically infatuated and want nothing more than to be together sexually at that moment. I would predict that this would last no more than 2 years if Jake actually marries her and if Vienna is able to hide her true colors much longer!"

Read the full story online at

Jake chooses Vienna on 'The Bachelor' finale

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jakevienna.jpgAfter weeks of confusion and telling everyone who will listen that he was in love with two women, Jake chose the fiery Vienna for his bride-to-be, after one of the most gut-wrenching farewells in "Bachelor" history. Jake broke Tenley's heart, but at least he was honest enough to tell her that there was just something missing. Better now than later, right?

Tenley acted graciously, or as graciously as she could, thanking Jake for making her feel special.

And then there was the proposal to Vienna, the woman of Jake's dreams. To each his own, right?

Our other reports from tonight's big finale chronicled the early tears, the botched parental visit with Vienna and the heart-wrenching final dates.

Say, whatever happened to all the other "Bachelors" and "Bachelorettes"?

So here we are, Jake and his two lady loves will have one more chance for one-on-one bonding. To wit, Jake and Vienna spend the day at a spa mud pit and manage to make it one of the most unappealing moments in "Bachelor" date history. The day soon segued into a rendezvous at Vienna's "place" where she gifted Jake with her promise ring and endless babbling about pleasing her father and how her 3-week marriage was a big mistake and... then did Jake make a faux pas by saying "I can't believe this is our LAST date"? Hmmmm.

Jake and Tenley's date was the exact opposite: bright, sunny skies, chartered yacht, snorkeling in a gorgeous coral reef, sailing through a Caribbean sunset, and an almost silent Jake, who seems sun-stroked but insisted he was 'just tired.'

Then he dropped the bomb: Seems Jake doesn't think he and Tenley have that sizzling physical chemistry ("not the sexual chemistry" he insists) that he has with Vienna. Not exactly the words Tenley needed to hear. But she takes the high road: "I want someone who wants all of me."

Things weren't quite as awkward in the nighttime portion of their date, and Tenley sweetly gifted Jake with framed photos from their earlier dates.

So with 40 minutes left to go, just what's in store?

Vienna fails to impress the parents on 'The Bachelor'

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"The Bachelor" finale continued; just 20 minutes or so into the show tonight:

How NOT to impress your future inlaws:
Talk with your mouth full;
Tell your prospective mother-in-law that her son CAN be cute (instead of he IS cute);
Tell your prospective family-in-law that you come from a small town in Florida that's just a bunch of woods and dirt;
Ignore the white elephant in the room (namely the question on everyone's mind: "Why didn't you get along with the rest of the girls?")

How NOT to prepare your family to meet one of the two women you love:
Tell them she's the one that all the other girls didn't like;
Tell your mom that she didn't come here to make friends.
Tell your brothers that Vienna is not as mature as Tenley and that she has to grow up a little;

What you DON'T want to hear during the "meet the Bachelors' parents" phase from his sister-in-law:
"Won't YOU be surprised when he doesn't pick you."

And why is Jake's mom obsessed with the daughters-in-law getting along? (And yes, it's not daughter-in-laws, Sallie). Ah, she finally explains: "If the women don't get along, it can really cause division in the family."

What you don't want to hear from your future husband prospect:
"If Vienna doesn't get along with my family, that's a deal-breaker."

And why didnt' Vienna think that she needed a really good roots touchup/extension fix before meeting her prospective inlaws? Meeee-ow!

That's pretty much how it went on "Vienna meets the parents"

Tears flow early on 'The Bachelor' finale

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What is it about Tenley that brings out tears in EVERYONE? Just 12 minutes into the show and the waterworks begin: First Tenley, then Jake's dad, then Jake's mom (trying to explain how the women in the family "hold it together" better than the men), then Tenley. Is it possible for Tenley to get through ANY answer to a question without breaking out the tears and that crackly cry-voice of hers?

So here we are on the finale, and WWJD? Seems Jake's family is quite smitten with the willowy Tenley. Is Jake equally enraptured?

And if Jake says he's fallen in love with two women one more time.....

And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.... the entire clan and Lady Tenley jump into the pool for some aquatic bonding time. Egads!

And instead of Tenley and Vienna visiting Jake's family in their natural habitat, the family has been flown out to St. Lucia! Gorgeous visuals run rampant.

Can't wait till the folks meet Vienna!

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