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ABC Entertainment Chief Paul Lee says the net has "a lot to do," but he also trumpeted ABC's success stories of the fall season.

Says he was disappointed in the performance of "Dancing With the Stars" All-Stars' performance. "Turns out people like to see bad dancing as much as they like to see good dancing."

"Revenge" moved to its new Sunday night time slot this fall and Lee said it paid off. The Hampton's set drama grew 17 to 20 percent (even though the second season isn't as good as the first).

"Nashville" is doing well with with the millennials but the net "really wants to build those 35-49 numbers."

Said the fall was an incredibly disruptive launch schedule with the hurricane and the election.

Lee seemed committed to the under-appreciated "Happy Endings," one of my personal favorites. Putting it on Sundays and Tuesdays increases its odds of sampling, he said. Hope he keeps that one around.

See my Twitter feed for more ABC tidbits out of today's executive session...

2010 Daytime Emmy nominees list

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The 2010 Daytime Emmy nominees were announced today -- 18 nods for "General Hospital"!

Oprah, who doesn't compete for the top categories, received four nominations. Ellen DeGeneres' talk show got eight nods, including best talk show. And Chicago's own Bonnie Hunt is up for best talk show host.

Here's the list of top nominees:


No, last week's Emmy broadcast wasn't the most dismal sight on television lately. Nonstop TV coverage of the economic crisis has made sure of that.

In fact, the Emmys even packed an illuminating upside. (Don't you wish you could say that about your fiscal picture?) It might have left a stale aftertaste the night it aired, but, thanks to unusually smart choices this year, the broadcast should have whet your appetite to take a new look at these winners:

You weren't watching, so catch up on the Emmys

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Emmy Awards Show-5.jpg
Co-host Heidi Klum was so bored (or boring?) during Sunday night's Emmys she fainted in Tom Bergeron's arms. Actually, it was a skit. (AP)

Did you watch last night's Emmy Awards? Don't lie to me, bub -- I've seen the numbers. You were watching football instead, I know.

So catch up with last night's shenanigans -- there were a few, despite a mostly dull show you're probably glad you missed -- and who won what over on our awards-show blog, The Gold Rush. The play-by-play is still on our Twitter feed, too.

The Emmys were fitting capstone to last season's tripped-up schedule. A new TV season starts tonight, thank heavens, and we can put all this behind us ...

Your source for everything Emmys ...

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Hey, TV fans: It's Emmys weekend! Wondering why there's not much Emmys stuff on this blog? Because it's on our award-shows blog, The Gold Rush!

Switch over there for a round-up of what the celebrities are doing to prepare for the big show, what some high-profile women will (or should) be wearing, how Bill Maher has surpassed Susan Lucci as Emmy's biggest loser, what the five nominated reality hosts think of this year's new category and more.

And tune into The Gold Rush on Sunday for live blogging of the show, or follow our celebrity Twitter feed for instant dish.

Kathy Griffin has a second Emmy to carry around

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Kathy Griffin poses with her award for Outstanding Reality Program for her work on "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" -- her second Emmy. (Matt Sayles/AP)

Chicago-area native Kathy Griffin is shameless about showing her Emmy from last year -- she totes it when she travels, she even offers fans to take pictures with it.

Now she's got another one.

When Emmy goes wrong: The worst snubs of all time

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jim nabors.jpg
Go ahead, laugh, but Jim Nabors' Gomer Pyle deserved Emmy recognition. Do you think we'd have "30 Rock's" Kenneth the intern without him?


What if the Emmy voters got everything right, and all the very finest shows and actors were honored every year? Yawn. The Emmy Awards would be a perfect bore.

So we probably shouldn't complain when worthy shows and actors are dissed -- it makes for lots of entertaining debate. But still, we love to complain. With the 60th annual ceremony airing on Sept. 21, it's time to look back at some members of the Emmy Snub Hall of Fame.

Real competition is coming to reality TV: Hosts including Ryan Seacrest, Howie Mandel and Tyra Banks are now eligible for an Emmy Award.

A category recognizing ‘‘outstanding host for a reality or reality-competition program’’ was created by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and will be presented at the 60th annual Emmys in September.

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