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Super Bowl commercials: winners and losers

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The year's most-watched television event -- more than 111 million tuned in to last year's Super Bowl -- understandably attracts a lot of commercials. Judging the ad world's winners and losers can be every bit as fun as watching the gridiron action.

I'll be blogging about the hits and misses during Sunday's game, and I'll be Monday morning quarterbacking the commercials on, well, Monday morning at 8:05 a.m. on WLS-AM 890 on the Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft show.

In the meantime, check out this crowd-sourced commercial (it came from a contest winner in Florida) for Dunder Mifflin paper. It will air Super Bowl Sunday but only in Scranton, Penn., home of "The Office."

Lots of ads have already ended up on the Internet. Any predictions on which will take off and which will get some Don Draper-wannabe a pink slip?

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The advertising this year was another perennial disappointment. All advertising has to follow certain rules, and on Super Bowl Sunday the ads also have to be "epic".

Epic falls flat, however, when there is not story being told.

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