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Des opens up about 'The Bachelor' -- and the brother

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Desiree Hartsock had her heart broken on Monday's episode of "The Bachelor" after the ladies' hometown dates.
It was a surprising exit for the 26-year-old bridal stylist from L.A., whose brother, Nate, gave Bachelor Sean a hard time during the hometown visit. At one point, Nate called Sean a playboy, which The Bachelor said ticked him off royally during the "Sean Tell All" special Tuesday.

"I don't think that my brother helped my chances in staying," she said on a conference call with reporters Thursday.

Were you mad at your brother for his behavior on the show?
"I don't justify anything that my brother said or the way he said it to Sean. But he was protecting me. He didn't feel that Sean was going to be the right guy for me. Looking back, I can't be mad at my brother. I can move on and know that Sean and I aren't meant to be together."

Was that normal behavior for your brother, or was he just trying to make an impact on TV? Or was he on drugs?
"My brother doesn't believe in reality TV. He wants to pursue ministry and he's a missionary. He definitely doesn't do drugs or anything like that. He is very intense with the way he thinks. It's completely far off from the way I think. I'm not very close with my brother. I see [him] maybe once a year. My brother's opinion would never influence my decision."

Did Sean make a mistake letting you go when he did?
"In the moment, I felt we had the best connection. However, looking back, he did have great relationships with the other girls. I don't think it was a mistake."

Would she be interested in being The Bachelorette?
"I would definitely have to think about it...and make sure I'm prepared to get back on that emotional roller coaster. I'd probably say yes to the opportunity."

"I think he ended up choosing the love of his life and that's not me."

Which of the women from the house are you still close to?
"I connected most and became greater friends with Jackie, Lindsay and Daniella." (She no longer keeps in touch with Sean.)

Is Sean a playboy, like your brother said?
Being on the show, the set up is to date more than 20 women at once. But as for Sean, "I think he's as far away from being a playboy as anyone can be."

Sean said there were other things lacking in your relationship. What was he referring to?
"Looking back and watching the show, maybe I did put up a guard. I was holding back a little bit more than maybe the other girls were. It takes me a little longer to say I love you because I want it to be right."

Are you still devastated about the break up with Sean?
"I'm such a positive person. I've moved on. I'm completely over it. I know that I'll eventually find my Prince Charming." (She hasn't been dating since the show ended, though.)

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I completely understand that Desiree’s brother was trying to protect her and that’s admirable but who is he to question Sean? Regardless of his personal beliefs or convictions, it wasn’t his place to confront him on that level. It’s great that she got over Sean and that she is continuing down this positive path; a lot of women are worse off after the show. When I saw the clip in my office at DISH of her brother blowing up about Sean I knew it would be trouble. Watching her go home was sad and it definitely left a hole in the show. I didn’t get to see the episode when it aired last week but I got caught up on the train ride home a few nights later. Thanks to the Hopper and DISH Anywhere I was able to turn my iPad into a TV and see what I missed.

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