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'Zero Hour'

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While Red Widow looks promising, I'm not so sure about ABC's other midseason drama, Zero Hour, starring Anthony Edwards as Hank, the publisher of a paranormal enthusiast magazine.

Hank has spent his career debunking myths and solving conspiracies, so we're told. But when his wife Laila (Jacinda Barrett -- remember her, "Real World" fans?) is abducted from her antique clock shop, Hank gets sucked into a worldwide mystery that goes back centuries (Da Vinci Code style).

Contained in one of his wife's clocks is a treasure map, "and what it leads to could be cataclysmic." Hank has to decipher the symbols and unlock the map's secrets while ensuring the answers don't end up in the wrong hands.

The pilot had a lot going on (Nazi conspiracies, religious secrets, etc.), none of which particularly grabbed me. But it seems to be pretty ambitious in its scope and I'll give it another try.

Anthony Edwards said he vowed not to do another hourlong TV show after ER (which he was on for 8 years) but this story of an international adventure changed his mind.

"We're shooting in places you haven't seen before in television," Edwards said. "We were shooting Paraguay in Long Island." The show also transforms New York into Istanbul and India.

The show has a 13-episode order, and you won't have to wait until the end for all of the reveals. "Episode 4, you know what that thing is that was hidden below the church," EP Zack Estrin said.

"The show is not 'Missing,'" Estrin said. Hank's abducted wife is a way into the story, not THE story.

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