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Staff Picks: Favorite 30 Rock moments

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Tonight, the beloved cult sitcom 30 Rock comes to an end and Sun-Times TV critic Lori Rackl as well as other staff members who are huge fans of the show will live-blog as we bid Liz Lemon and her crew adieu. But before we get to those final, tearful moments, we wanted to look back at our favorite clips from the show throughout its hilarious seven-season run. You can also check out Thomas Conner's Top 7 musical moments in the show's run.

Thomas Conner and Lori Rackl

Thomas: Yes, Tracy's on drugs and doing wacky things, but the dynamic between Jack and Liz is taking root -- earthy Lucy, dandy Ricky -- as Jack asks Liz to write some jokes for an upcoming speech. Which must be tonight, right? Cuz Jack's putting on a tux? No, it's days later.

Liz (exasperated): Then why are you wearing a tux?

Jack (cucumber-cool): It's after six. What am I, a farmer?

You know, back when the 1 percent was HILARIOUS!

Lori: The Liz and Jack dynamic has always been the strongest part of the show. This exchange, however brief it may be, encapsulates their wildly divergent world views and lifestyles. Fey and Baldwin have such a fantastic rapport and play off each other so well.

Darel Jevens

Alec Baldwin went out on a treacherous limb in the 2008 episode "Rosemary's Baby," helping Tracy through a therapy session by role-playing his irascible dad (in the voice of Fred Sanford), his beleaguered mom, the angry Hispanic neighbor upstairs and even the patient himself. Grotesque stereotypes all, but all it took to stir childhood memories for dotty Tracy and trigger a breakthrough. "30 Rock" demanded silly things of its stars, and Baldwin never failed to deliver.

Tina Sfondeles

This is Liz Lemon. Awkward, charming and hilarious. I dare you to watch this and not laugh

Marcus Gilmer

Following up on what Tina said about Liz. And kudos to Tina Fey for eschewing the typical ego issues most television stars face: taking themselves - and their characters - too seriously.

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