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'Dancing with the Stars' shocking double-elimination

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After Monday night's judges' scores and audience votes, it was a bit of a shock Tuesday night to find Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel along with Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower standing in the creepy red light awaiting their fate on the "Dancing with the Stars All-Stars" results show.

It was double-elimination night, and season 2 champ Drew Lachey was already sent packing 30 minutes earlier. Alas, luck ran out for season 5 champ Helio Castroneves as he was sent packing, too.

The big shock was learning that Bristol Palin will dance another day, even though she and partner Mark Ballas were at the bottom of the leader board Monday night.

We've seen it before; Palin's fan base is one of the largest and strongest of any competitor in the history of the show. In 2010, Palin made it all the way to the finals even though her scores found her consistently near the bottom of the leader board for a majority of the season.

Next week, it's all about celebs' choices for their co-competitors. Should prove to be an interesting night of dancing.

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I love the show (Dancing with the stars) because there are always alot of great dancers and the competition is great. I don't think it's fair that Bristol Palin is still in the competition. The only star I've seen that was worse than Bristol was Master P. It's suppose to decide who is the best dancers. Bristol is not the best and never will be.I have nothing personal against her, but it's very simple, she can't dance.She should put herself out of her misery and not dance any more. I know a bunch of people that loved the show that don't watch it anymore. Get rid of Bristol Palin or I among many others will quit watchingtoo! Please don't let a great show go down the tubes because of her.

Not fair to vote for Bristol because she is a friend of your mother. We see with our own eyes that this girl can't dance. So unfair to the great fantastic dancers we lost last night. I seen what she could not do last year and we have to look at this sick puppy trying to dance between temper leashing. Go home Bristol your dancing is awful. Please vote because a person is great not because of your mothers friends.

the rules must be changed. the public which is ignorant of the dance rules has to much voting power.They cast their votes based on emotions and allegiance to a dancer. they are rewarding mediocrity. the show producers must change the percentage of the public vote if they don't want to lose audience. This is a joke. Could you ask Bristol how she feels after the results?

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