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Bristol Palin is back in the 'Dancing with the Stars' ballroom

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How do you follow Gilles Marini's sizzling turn on the dance floor?

If you're Bristol Palin, you have to be asking yourself that very question.

Of course, with encouraging words such as "Shake that a--") from her partner Mark Ballas (during their rehearsal video footage).... how could she NOT be ready for her big return to the ballroom (as proud mama Sarah Palin looked on from the sidelines) with the ever booty-shaking cha-cha -cha.

Carrie Ann called her "most improved," while Bruno called her "refrehsed, revived and refurbished" ... Len liked her legs, not her arms.

Her score: 19.5 out of 30.
But as Mark pointed out about his partner: "She's beautiful and having a good time."

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Glad she is having a good time. She must not realize how poorly she is doing because she is still calling the tabloids and trying to get them to write about how much weight she has lost; how much confidence she has gained; what a deadbeat Dad Levi is but that she is so gracious that she sent them flowers; how she doesn't have to practice as much as the others so she is vacationing in Arizona where she is setting up her residency, etc. Different story every day but then she has so many paid staff writing stories for her that it is hard to tell what is actually truth. The scores she got last Monday weren't the highest but she is bragging about being the most improved and to her, that is what being on Dancing with the Stars is all about. Now that she has the best selling book, the unreality show that paid her so well but the producer really lost money because there were so low viewing numbers; and she has a moose trip to brag about, Wonder Woman can take home the mirror ball trophy and look for some political office to hold.

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