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A little taste of what's in store for season two of 'Homeland'

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Sept. 30 is when "Homeland" debuts its season two premiere on Showtime. I've just seen the episode, and it reminded me realize how much I missed this crazy-good program.

Season two picks up about six months after season one left off. Congressman Brody's (Damian Lewis) political career is going gangbusters and his wife, Jess (Morena Baccarin), seems to be really digging their Jackie/JFK existence (although they're still living in their old house). As for poor Carrie (Claire Danes), she seems to have settled into her new, much less exciting life outside the CIA -- a life that seems to entail a lot of gardening. (I'm not giving away anything that isn't shown in the first few minutes.) She's still tormented by the fact that she was wrong about Brody, even though we know she was right.

At the start of season two Israel has just bombed nuclear sites in Iran (let's hope they're not being prescient) and the political situation is tense to say the least.

The first two episodes were shot in Tel Aviv, with the rest of what's been filmed so far being shot at the show's regular location in Charlotte, N.C. EPs Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon say they're about half way through filming the second season.

Damian Lewis spoke to TV critics (in his native British accent, which reminds me how well this guy speak like a Yank). He said that this season, Brody is basically "everybody's bitch." Watching him navigate the treacherous waters that make up his life is going to be thrilling. And watching Carrie get her mojo back will be just as enticing.

A couple new characters are going to be instrumental, one of whom we meet in the first episode.

I'll stop there, but I will say this: Keep in mind the premiere is titled "The Smile," and you'll know exactly why by the time the program's over. You'll probably smile, too.

Welcome home, "Homeland." We missed you.

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