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'Dancing with the Stars' rocks on

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It was Rock Week on "Dancing with the Stars" and there was much rock and rolling to be had, starting with a performance by KISS.

The pleather was flying as couples turned in tangos, paso dobles, jives and Viennese waltzes (!?!) to the tunes of Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Queen and Alice Cooper among others.

First things first... that William Levy never heard of Twisted Sister is understandable, having been born and raised in Cuba where American music was banned. That Jaleel White never heard of Mick Jagger is mindboggling. It's not like he grew up and worked and went to university on the other side of the planet. Though White did say that growing up there was "zero rock in the house." So I guess I had to forgive all when he soon uttered one of the best lines of the night: "[Mick Jagger] walked like George [of the TV series "The Jeffersons"] Jefferson a lot."

As for the scoring, the judges were a little more conservative with the paddles tonight. 9s turned out to be a rare sight, save for the 3 that were doled out the Donald Driver for his "psychedelic, sexy, taunting, hot damn!" paso doble (as Carrie Ann Inaba blurted out). It was the score that propelled him to the top of the leader board.

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower also received 9s, two of them, plus an 8, for their gorgeous and elegant Viennese waltz, though during rehearsals, Chelsie called the sinewy-limbed star "a noodle." And it brought out this gem from judge Len Goodman "Good job dawg." Go Len!

The most confusing judging happened half-way through the competition as the judges gave Gladys Knight a score of 20 for her tango (to the very difficult-to-dance-to "Bohemian Rhapsody"), though she completed some difficult footwork. Moments later William Levy was awarded a 22 for his jive that featured missteps throughout and a big mixup in the middle. Levy's score also tied White',s which was just ludicrous, considering White nailed his tango for the mostpart.

The three-week leader, Katherine Jenkins was dethroned with a score of 24 as she and Mark Ballas turned in a paso doble that was "too aggressive" according to the judges. It was a powerful dance, nonetheless.

Sherri Shepherd didn't fare quite so well this week either, as her tango with Val Chmerkovskiy just fell flat and earned a score of 21. Val's brother Maks fared only slighly better with partner Melissa Gilbert, earning a 22 for their paso doble that brought out the "bad girl" side of Gilbert (who was down-scored for a slip and fall that was totally Maks' fault and he said so).

Maria Menounos, dancing with a fractured foo,t also received a pair of 9s (and one 8) for her tango with Derek Hough that was solid despite her ailing feet (Derek carried her piggyback out of the ballroom).

Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff ended the night with a tango that didn't seem all that, but the judges awarded a score of 23 to the duo who has been in the bottom two for the past two weeks come results show night.

Seen in the ballroom tonight: Nia Vardalos, Rita Wilson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Hasselhoff, John Stamos (maybe next season, John???).

The results tomorrow night? It's probably going to come down to Gavin (again) and possibly Gladys! I'm thinking DeGraw may have danced his last dance tonight.

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