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Let's get past Kirstie Alley's fall

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Ok, so let's just deal with it and move on. I'm talking of course about Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy's unfortunate "incident" tonight on "Dancing with the Stars." Stepping off into a billowy rumba, the duo went down (ok they fell), due to (as we later found out) Maks' thigh "giving out." That's the story and there's no need for all the snickering that will no doubt ensue in the coming days. It was unfortunate, because they danced quite a lovely dance, despite the comments of the judges.

And speaking of comments, it was a night of "huh?" as the story dances unfurled. Not sure what the judges were seeing that the home audience (or at least our home audience) is not seeing.....

Worst comments of the night? Kendra Wilkinson's whining about having to dance the "dance of love" with, and I'm quoting here, "of all the people in the world, Louis van Amstel." Shame on you, Kendra! Especially after Wilkinson said how horrible she felt that her hubby's hometown allegedly "hated him" for marrying "someone like her".... "a stripper."

Biggest "huh" moment? The way the judges beat down Ralph Macchio for his rumba. Macchio danced an impressive rumba (he moved to the beat, which is more than I can say for the other male celebs who selected a rumba on this night and then pretty much just stood there while their partners danced around them.) Come on, you know it's true! That's how the rumba is for the male celebs who tackle the dance's footwork... unless you're a seasoned pro, the guy pretty much stands there while the woman dances around him.

Hines Ward turned in one of the evening's best dances (the feisty samba)! I'm predicting he's going to be in this competition for the long haul. Also in it for the long haul? Kirstie, Chris Jericho (wild card) and Ralph Macchio.. so there's the final four. You read it here.

So who's going home on Tuesday's elimination show?
Sugar Ray Leonard and Petra Nemcova will probably hit the bottom two spots with the champ headed to the locker room.

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I think you are dead on in your assessment!
I also agree that Ralph Macchio did an outstanding job and the judges just like hearing themselves talk when they ripped on his performance. Give me a break, at least Ralph has some class, elegance and grace.

yes I completely agree with you. Most of the men on this show always stand around the professional beauties while they dance around them and then get the high scores...

They need to look at actual dancing and if they just stand there points should be taken off

R u kidding....... Wendy williMs is for sure going home! She is awful and I felt so bad for maks

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