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Chris Jericho is out of the 'Dancing with the Stars' ballroom

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It was the results show that went on and on and on and ..... You get the picture. It wasn't until 45 minutes into hour TWO that the long-awaited Pia sings/Mark dances "moment" occurred. The rest of the night, played out like a variety show, with great performances by Back Street Boys and New Kids on the Block, fer sure, and a whole lotta filler in between that really just dragged. Honestly, do we really need to stretch the results for two hours? Even the judges scoot outta there for periods of time (careful camera angles try to avoid showing their empty chairs).

In the end, the two couples left standing were Chris and Cheryl, and Ralph and Karina (two of the stronger players until Monday night). And when the near 6 minutes of commercials/ABC program promos were over, and the creepy music stopped playing, it was Chris Jerico who was shown the ballroom door. And what a class act he was as he headed over to the judges' table to personally shake their hands in gratitude. A class act all the way!

At this point in the competition every season, it really comes down to the fan base, so the coming weeks will be a test of just how loyal the celebs' fans really are. It's easy to see that Chelsea Kane right now is the one to beat this season; but will her fan base stand up to those of Ralph Macchio or Kirstie Alley or Romeo?

Stay tuned.

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There is no doubt about Ralph Macchio. I think he would be chosen without any doubt. I am sure about Ralph Macchio.

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