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TV theme night a thud on the 'Dancing with the Stars' ballroom floor

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Several interesting things we learned on tonight's episode of "Dancing with the Stars":
1) Anna Trebunskya had no idea what "Bewitched" the television show was all about; she had no idea who Walter Payton was... much to the dismay of her partner Kurt Warner. We'll let those slide, since she did not grow up in America.

2) Lacy Schwimmer had no idea who Richard Pryor was.

3) Lacy's celeb partner Kyle Massey had no idea who the original Charlie's Angels were.

5) I doubt Bristol Palin had any clue whatsoever who the Monkees were, and she smartly kept that to herself.

4) "TV Theme Night" was a big old snore.

Yep, "DWTS" did not choose wisely when it came to TV theme songs for its dance corps. Not that they were bad themes, they just didn't jive with the ballroom.
Who thought that fox-trotting to the theme from "Charlie's Angels" was a good idea? Or that doing a sultry tango to the "Brady Bunch" theme would result in a really good dance performance? Or that putting Bristol Palin in a gorilla suit for a fox trot was A) funny or B) funny or C) funny?

Tonights' show was amiss on so many levels it leaves one wondering: Why can't they just DANCE on "Dancing with the Stars"? There's nothing wrong with having some fun and creative ways to spice things up, but there wasn't anything smart or fun about tonight's dreadful display.

Was there good dancing? Well, yes. Brandy and Maks did a nice turn with their quick step to the theme from "Friends." Rick and Cheryl were fine throughout their rhumba to the theme from "Hill St. Blues." Kurt and Anna didn't do too badly during their quickstep to the aforementioned "Bewitched."

The night's biggest letdown? Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough's fox trot to "Married with Children." To paraphrase judge Len Goodman, too much playing around and not enough dancing.

Next week's theme (yep, another theme night!) is rock 'n' roll. Can't wait.

Prediction for Tuesday's elimination? Bristol Palin. Sorry, she is not as good a dancer as the rest (Florence Henderson scored higher), and really, that isn't saying very much after tonight's debacle.

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